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Our heart is our first Guru - Om Hrim Gurubhyo Namaha!  
Full Moon Guru Purnima!
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Dear Friends on the Winding Path,

Bathe in the Full Moon of Guru Purnima - honoring all forms of the transforming teachers in your life!  I am grateful to be in Shakti Sadhana now with my mentor Gurumukh and a mandala of yoginis here at Kripalu.  We had an amazing journey to Europe (see some pictures from our Santorini Retreat) and will be back in California for the rest of the summer for all forms of pranafication from Wanderlust to our Teacher Training Gatherings and summer Esalen Retreat and Bhakti Fest.

See the Igniting section below for new local programs added. We are also featuring the very special Yab Yum retreat at Tara Mandala this fall in our retreat section which is a rare opportunity to learn Tantric consort meditation for individuals or couples with Lama Tsultrim.

I Bow to You! Live your love!


PS  Click here to see Jenay Martin's stellar pranafication clip featuring Steve Gold and John de Kadt's incredible music! 

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now igniting


Image above: Santorini volcano eruption of 1957

maestro month

MaestroMonth July 16, 5:00PM PST "Tending the Fire: Living Yoga Sadhana"

I am delighted to invite you to my unique, free teleseminar, "Tending the Fire: Living Yoga Sadhana". 

MaestroConference is a new technology that allows you to engage with me and other participants as if we're in a live workshop.

My teleseminar is one of more than 60 free trainings in health, personal growth, business, spirituality and societal change include 16 NY Times bestselling authors, all helping you to unleash your full potential. I'm excited to be part of this group and to introduce you to more of their work.

For more information and to register, please click here


AfroFunke: Weekly Soul Invocationafrofunke

Thursday August 6, 10:30PM
Santa Monica, CA 

Save the Date!  Yoga Trance Dance goes to AfroFunke!

Shiva Rea joined by MC Yogi and DJ Drez at Zanzibar

For more info click here!


Pre-BhaktiFest Celebration: Special Public Classes and Evening Programs at Exhale in Venice, CA

bhakti classes

Evening Programs

July 31, 6:00 - 9:30pm
Sublime Nectar: Tantri Feast with Lorin Roche, PhD and Chris Tompkins  
August 1, 7:30 - 10:00pm
Bhakti Rocks: Kirtan with Donna DeLory
August 7
Rasa Lila: Ecstatic Kirtan at the Heart of Yoga with Gaura Vani and the Kindred Spirits
August 8
Yoga Trance Dance with Shiva Rea, DJ Drez, Gaura Vani and the Kindred Spirits, and the Mayapuri Drummers
For details, please contact Exhale.

Pre-BhaktiFest Retreat: The Sacred Call
September 10, 1:00 to 10:00pm

bhakti festBegin Bhakti Fest with an opportunity for deep listening and alignment within your own heart with a special Sacred Flow Sadhana class with Shiva and kirtan artist Steve Gold from 2-5 pm on retreat center grounds followed by a pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Park for an early evening supper and twilight adventure of meditation under the infinite sky, chanting around the fire embraced by the power rocks of Joshua Tree!
Register before August 1st and get your Bhakti Fest Full Event Pass for only $108 too
BhaktiFest will ignite at Joshua Tree September 11 - 13 

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teacher training highlights
teacher training highlights
Photo by Jenay Martin

Click here to view our Teacher Training Calendar

Summer Vinyasa Institute in Venice, CA

Embodying the Flow: Foundational Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training + Essential Tools for Teaching Flow July 25 - 31  

Experience our most popular foundational training!  Take this opportunity to learn tools for teaching vinyasa, and enlivening the flow of your classes.  Shiva joined by senior Prana Flow teachers Twee Merrigan and Micheline Berry.

Pranafication Retreat: Tending the Fire: The Art of Living Yoga Sadhana August 1 - 7 

Join us for a week-long immersion in our Living Yoga Ashram by the sea where purifying - regenerating - embodying the flow of Prana through creative, transformative practice and explorations teach Living Yoga to serve one's evolutionary path as a teacher.    

Join us for this PRE-BHAKTIFEST Event!

Yoga Trance Dance and Music for Yoga Teacher Intensive August 7 - 9

For yoga teachers and yogadventurers who are interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance, this Trance Dance intensive provides the basic tools to explore the foundations of yoga trance dance.

For more information and registration please contact Exhale

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yogadventure highlights

yogadventure highlights

Moving Through the Mandala Yoga Retreat with Shiva and Lama Tsultrim Allione September 18 – 23, 2009
**Global Mala Celebration September 19**

During this time of urgent awakening, the mandala principle within Vajrayana Buddhism and Tantra Yoga offers a profound view, meditation, and action of embodied transformation of consciousness.

At the heart of the mandala is the union of the primordial masculine and feminine, bliss and emptiness, wisdom and skillful means, known as yab-yum. Whether one is solo or with a partner on retreat, Lama Tsultrim will initiate the exquisite yab-yum mandala through inner consort practice within the matrix of the five Buddha families. Our in-depth daily practices will weave movement meditations of each of the Buddha families that integrate sound, visualization, prana flow, mudra and a flowing sequence of asanas in a mandala form aimed at the elemental transformation of energy patterns.

For more info and registration please contact Tara Mandala

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yoga media

surf dvd

Surf Yoga Soul DVD 

After teaching yoga to surfers for over a decade, Shiva Rea merges the two cultures in the first-ever program to bring wave motion onto the mat. Strengthen your body, increase energy and balance, and gain flexibility in 7 segments that allow you to customize your workout every time. 

Available through Acacia Media


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shiva recommends

rocky dawuniRocky Dawuni & The Revelation Project July 10, 2009, 12PM & 8PM at California Plaza - FREE ADMISSION

Rocky Dawuni is now set to bring his groovalicious live reggae to the opening of L.A.'s Grand Performances' season at California Plaza with an outrageous 11 piece band with very special guests sitting in!!   



Saul's Birthday Bash ~ Ananda Kirtan Style at Exhale, Venice
July 28, 7:45 - 9:45pm

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tribal fire

These are photos from our most recent Yogadventure to Santorini, Greece!  Opa!

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire
tribal fire
tribal fire

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sacred activism

sacred activism


Help Save the Honey Bees! 

The Natural Resources Defense Council has offered this article of tips for keeping your garden bee-friendly!

"Bees across the country are disappearing due to a mysterious condition know as Colony Collapse Disorder, threatening agriculture and many of your favorite foods.

But you can help keep these important pollinators healthy by attracting them to your garden.

Here are some helpful tips for gardeners:
Include a wide variety of plantsIdeally, they should bloom from early spring into late fall or, if possible, for the entire year. If you choose plants with a variety of shapes and colors, you will be more likely to attract different types of pollinators. Planting in clusters will make them easier to locate.Plant native speciesLocal plants are four times more likely to attract pollinators than exotic species. See the list of suggested native plants on the right.Avoid using pesticidesThere are many natural ways to control pests in your garden. If you must use pesticides, read the labels carefully in order to avoid spraying chemicals that are highly toxic to bees, such as most neonicotinoid pesticides. Be sure to spray your plants after dusk, when pollinators are least active. You should also be wary of using multiple pesticides at once. Many active ingredients are more toxic when used in combination with other pesticides." 

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shiva's flow
shiva's flow

 Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa classes begin at Exhale Monday July 27, 6:00 - 7:30pm 

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evolutionary edge
E2 ignites this summer!
Next Stop is Esalen in Big Sur, California

August 14 - 16:  Fire & Flow: The Ecstatic Edge Yoga Retreat

evolutionary edge

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upcoming events
July 25 - 31 Embodying the Flow: Foundational Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training + Essential Tools for Teaching Flow
*Day 1 Taught by Prana Flow Senior Teacher Twee Merrigan!

teacher training


August 1 - 7 
Pranafication Immersion: Tending the Fire: The Art of Living Yoga Sadhana



August 2 - 6 Ritual Flow of Yoga Part 2 with Guest Teacher Shiva Kumar

ritual flow

August 7 - 9 
Yoga Trance Dance and Music for Yoga Teacher Intensive




July 16 Maestro Month, 5PM PST

Free Teleseminar with Shiva: "Tending the Fire: Living Yoga Sadhana"


July 24 - 25 Wanderlust Festival

fire and flow

August 6 AfroFunke Santa Monica, CA



August 21 - 23 Omega Being Yoga Conference


September 20 - 27 Estes Park Yoga Journal Conference

Early Bird Deadline July 31! 


November 3 – 8 Sacred Body, Sacred Space Transformational Flow



December 27 – Jan 2 Costa Rica

Costa Rican Full Moon New Year's Retreat

ubud, bali

Save the date!  Details coming soon!


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featured video
Get an inside peek at the Pranafication retreat on Shiva’s  YouTube - SamudraYogadventures's Channel!

featured video

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prana flow events

Twee Merrigan
July 10 – 12
Pranic Alignment Teacher Training Module in Monterray, Mexico

Roberto Lim
July 11
Prana Flow Fluid Power Master Class at Kismet Wellness in Andover, MA

Daphne & Tom Larkin
July 11 – 12

Prana Flow Workshop: Strength & Grace at Exhale Dallas in Frederick, MD

Maria Garre
July 17 – 19
Anatomy of Flow at Ananda Shala in Frederick, MD

Franck Bessoles
July 17 – 19
Prana Flow Workshops in Sydney, Australia

Shannon Paige Schneider

July 19, 4:00 PM

Yoga Rocks the Park! at OmTime in Denver, CO

Simon Park
July 24 – 26
Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, LA

Micheline Berry

August 5 – 9
Aspen Mandalay Ranch Retreat
in Aspen, CO

Daphne Tse
October 17 – 24

Sacred Song & Ecstatic Dance at Mimpi Resort in Bali, Indonesia ~ joined by Ellen Watson

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kristen townsendBig thanks to Pulse Newsletter editor Kristen Townsend!


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BhaktiFest will ignite at Joshua Tree September 11 - 13

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