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"As the sun lights up the world, the Self dwelling within all is the source of all light."  - Bhagavad Gita
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Dear Friends:

We are entering a special ritual cycle this week leading up to the "Festival of Lights" or Diwali also known as the Hindu New Year that corresponds with the New Moon.  Like all new year holidays, it is the time to clean your house - literally- and embody the energy of Sri Lakshmi by en-lightening your body and homeout of whatever darkness you have emerged as Diwali celebrates the emergence of Lakshmi from the victory over the asuras or demons of all kinds of shadow limitations.

I will be teaching special Diwali class this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. to initate our Fall immersion celebration as teachers from all over the world come to join our teacher study community the following Monday.  Please join us for these ritual classes and offerings including Tantric Blues Therapy and a special offering of 350 rounds of Ganesha Mantra for International Climate Change Day on Oct. 24th as the the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history.

Light your fire,

Love all ways


shiva rea

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now igniting
now igniting

Special Classes ~ Just Added!

Dec 12 & 13 Semperviva, Vancouver, Canada
Living Yoga Sadhana

Dec 19 & 20 Exhale, Venice, CA
Returning to the Light: Winter Solstice in-Town Retreat 

PULSE Members Only
We are experimenting with offering a few of our best teacher training evening programs to our PULSE members and Exhale Teacher-Student Base only as these are intimate, powerful gatherings to be shared with family only. Please register in advance as space is limited to only 30 spots

Friday October 23, 7:30 - 10:00 pm Soul Rising: Tantric Blues Therapy for Changin' Times with Shiva Rea, Steve Gold, Nikos Veliskakis and special guest, $20 in advance, $30 at the door

Join an experimental evening into the muddy waters of living truth where the tantric realization of one's authentic energy meets the healing moan of blues music. As the first evening of our chakra vinyasa teacher training, we are opening the doors to a small group to join us for an experiential ride from the woes of the root chakra and the sway of swadhisthana in a mojo rising journey up the core of our life to the heart of realization. This interactive evening begins with singing the collective blues with folk kirtan artist Steve Gold and blues harmonica disciple Niko Veliskakis and imbibing the soulful sounds and living truths of blues classics as a warm up to revealing and reveling in the soul rising stories of our own lives to be shared, sung, wailed, danced to and caressed for a new playfully real genre of  tantric blues therapy for the authentic yogi and yogini on the winding road home. 

Saturday October 24, 8:00 - 10:00 pm Kundalini Rising: Yoga Trance Dance as a Liberating Body Prayer

Join us for a dive into the oldest and original forms of yoga through free-form spontaneously arising naturally-healing and revealing trance movement to liberate and empower the current flow of our individual and collective life. In a visceral journey, we will invoke kundalini shakti as the brilliant energy of our rising evolution and follow that meandering path through the expression of the elemental body of the chakras. Assisted by irresistable stirring music from indian ragas to global electronica, we will open to being cellularly informed and transformed through a living body prayer. 

Saturday October 24,10:30 - 12:15 pm  Sacred Activation ~ Chakra Namaskar and 350 rounds of Japa Mantra to join International Climate Change Day www.350.org  

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teacher training highlights
teacher training highlights

Click here to view our Teacher Training Calendar

2010 Schedule and Costa Rica Retreat Intensive

Our retreat immersions for teachers are opportunities to dive into the elemental embodiment of yoga with space for intensive practice, exploration, relaxation, and meditative absorption that is necessary in the alchemy of becoming a teacher of living vinyasa. In the next month, we will be unveiling our full 2010 teacher study community and retreat schedule. For now, check out our special intensive and sacred training offering for the Costa Rica Full Moon New Year's Retreat and our core training schedule at Exhale and Kripalu for 2010.  

For more information about the teacher training program, please contact teachertrainings@yogadventures.com.


Costa Rica Full Moon New Year's Retreat

 surfBring on the New Year with a transformational yogadventure retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica where the jungle meets the ocean. Nosara is a world-class surf spot where the power of the warm, clear healing ocean is the primordial teacher. Enjoy the magic of each day with optional activities ranging from surfing, transformational yoga, sunset horseback riding, to zipping down the longest, most exhilarating canopy in the world! Whether you are an experienced surfer, have always wanted to surf, or just want to go deeper into fluid power vinyasa with Shiva, we will enter the Full Moon New Year in an empowering and rejuvenating rhythm of living yoga, healing relaxation, and liberating play. 

For more info and registration, please contact 301-560-0934 or email retreats@yogadventures.com.


Announcing our 2010 Evolutionary Journey 200-500 hour. Teacher Training Programs East-West Coast for Exhale (our ocean ashram) and Kripalu (residential)

Click here to view 2010 Exhale + Kripalu Dates!  More 2010 Coming Soon! 


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yogadventure highlights
yogadventure highlights

Kerala, India: Ananda Tandava Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat and Optional Teacher Training, March 2010

Our best Kerala Retreat ever!

From our heart, we are pleased to announce our 7th annual Kerala Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat - Ananda Tandava.  For the first time, my beloved Kalari gurus will be initiating people into the Kalari practice at CVN Kalari to experience the bhumishakti - power of the earth that has drawn me back to Kerala again and again to share this very sacred entry into the heart of yoga in India. Click here for more information including the Pre-retreat pilgrimage to yogini temples and devin shrines with Lama Tsultrim, the ultimate houseboat and Amma relaxation unwinding, Naga pujas - the special ritual offerings to Kundalini, and of course, the famous 10-days of ayurvedic massage that is the heart of the retreat.  

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yoga media

Finding Purpose & Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss & Change (New Harbinger Publications)

Build your mindstrength in uncertain times.

Crisis can cause paralyzing grief and anger, not to mention an inability to imagine a way out of suffering. Pioneering psychotherapist Ronald Alexander combines ancient Buddhist practices and tools with leading-edge positive psychology to guide readers past their pain and create fresh personal visions for joy, contentment, and vitality.

Wise Mind Open Mind focuses on the building of mindstrength -- the ability to use mindfulness to master and refocus one's thoughts, beliefs and emotions in order to access their core creativity and become more empowered as a mindful leader. 

Learn more about developing your "wise mind," mindfulness meditation and how you can transform your life at http://www.ronaldalexander.com/books.html. Wise Mind, Open Mind is available at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com plus fine bookstores everywhere. 

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shiva recommends

coralSkype or Phone Holistic Counseling Sessions with Coral Brown MA-QMHP

Holistic counseling offers a body, mind, spirit approach to traditional talk therapy. The emphasis is on wellness, with symptoms seen as calls to self-realization and wholeness.  This healing modality gently guides individuals in their cognitive, moral, emotional, and spiritual development toward self-actualization. Coral fuses her experience of yoga, philosophy and counseling to assist individuals move toward balance in the presence of paradox and uncertainty.  50 minute session's available. For more information, email Coral@yogadventures.com or go to www.coralbrown.net.


diwaliDiwali Celebration!

Diwali or Deepawali, is not only festival of lights, but also marks the beginning of the Hindu new year. It is one of the most important Indian national celebrations as it is believed that the Hindu goddess of good luck visits homes that are brightly lit. Children make "deeps" which are small clay lamps to light and bring the good luck goddess to their home so they can receive new clothes and toys. The first day of Diwali is also a New Year of Business. All companies pay off debts and their cars are decorated with flowers and palm leaves to bless the vehicles to run well in the new year.  To learn more about Diwali celebrations, click here!

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tribal fire
BhaktiFest + Tara Mandala

Thanks to Corey Stempien for Tara Mandala photos and to Amir Magal for BhaktiFest photos!  

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

tribal fire

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sacred activism
International Day of Climate Action: www.350.org

On October 24, the International Day of Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth, the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history.  There will be big rallies in big cities, and incredible creative actions across the globe: mountain climbers on our highest peaks with banners, underwater demonstrations in island nations threatened by sea level rise, churches and mosques and synagogues and ashrams engaged in symbolic action, star athletes organizing mass bike rides--and hundreds upon hundreds of community events to raise awareness of the need for urgent action.

Every event will highlight the number 350--and people will gather at some point for a big group photo depicting that all important message. At 350.org, we'll assemble all the photos for a gigantic, global, visual petition.

The thousands of events on October 24 will drive 350 and all that it represents into the human imagination, and change the negotiating environment as we head towards the crucial UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen in December of 2009. 


Read about the Mission:

Dear World-

This is an invitation to build a movement-to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.

We are a group of people from around the planet-young and old, scientists and writers and activists-who have one thing in common. We know the most important number on earth: 350. And we know how to use that number to finally get global action on the worst crisis humans have ever faced. But we can only do it if you help.

A year ago, our greatest climatologist-NASA's James Hansen-and his team produced a landmark series of studies. They showed that if we let the amount of carbon in the atmosphere top 350 parts per million, we can't have a planet "similar to the one on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted."

The bad news is we're already past that number-we're at 390 parts per million, which is why the Arctic is melting, why drought is spreading across the planet, why people are already dying from diseases like dengue fever and malaria occurring in places where they've never been seen before.

The good news: that number gives us a target to aim for. When the world's leaders meet in Copenhagen in December to reach agreement on a new climate treaty, we need them to go farther than they've planned to go: we need to make sure they'll pay attention to the latest science and put forward a plan that gets us back to safety.

So here's the plan. On October 24, we need you to organize an action in the place where you live, something that will make that most important number visible to everyone. People in more than 1000 communities around the globe have already announced plans-they'll be school children planting 350 trees in Bangledesh, scientists hanging banners saying 350 on the statues on Easter Island, 350 scuba divers diving underwater at the Great Barrier Reef, and a thousand more creative actions like these. At each event, people will gather for a big group photo that somehow depicts 350--and upload that photo to the web 350.org. As actions take place around the world, we'll link all the pictures together electronically via the web--by the end of the day, we'll have a powerful visual petition linking together the entire planet that we can deliver to the media and world leaders.

So far more than 100 nations are taking part-it's shaping up to be to be the biggest day of grassroots action on global warming ever. But we need it to be much larger-we need you, in your village or town or city, to take part. It's not hard-we can help you with materials and ideas. But you need to take the first step, by registering an action and starting to let your friends and neighbors know about it.

Involve groups that you're in-everything from your church, mosque or synagogue to your local bicycle group. People want to help, especially if they see the chance for something that might actually matter. This is even more important than changing your lightbulb-this is your chance to help change the way the whole world operates. October 24 comes six weeks before those crucial UN meetings in Copenhagen. It's a great chance to take a stand-maybe the last great chance, given what the scientists tell us about the momentum of global warming.

But it can only happen with the help of a global movement-and it's starting to bubble up everywhere. Farmers in Cameroon, students in China, even World Cup skiers have already helped spread the word about 350. Churches have rung their bells 350 times; Buddhist monks have formed a huge 350 with their bodies against the backdrop of Himalayas. 350 translates across every boundary of language and culture. It's clear and direct, cutting through the static and laying down a firm scientific line.

This is like a final exam for human beings. Can we muster the courage, the commitment, and the creativity to set this earth on a steady course before it's too late? October 24 will be the joyful, powerful day when we prove it's possible.

Please join us and register your local action today.


Bill McKibben - Author and Activist- USA Vandana Shiva - Physicist, Activist, Author - India David Suzuki - Scientist, Author, Activist - Canada Bianca Jagger - Chair of the World Future Council - UK Tim Flannery - Scientist, Author, Explorer -Australia Bittu Sahgal - Editor of Sanctuary magazine - India Andrew Simmons - Environmental Advocate, St. Vincent & The Grenadines Christine Loh - Environmental Advocate and Legislator - Hong Kong

P.S.-We need you to do something else, right away, that's pretty easy. Please forward this message to anyone you know who is even remotely appropriate.

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shiva's flow
shiva's flow

Shiva will be offering Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa

Saturday Oct 17, 10:30am
Prana Flow for Diwali 

Monday Oct 19, 6:00pm Prana Flow

Tuesday Oct 20, 4:15pm Kalari Flow

Saturday Oct 24, 10:20am
Sacred Activation: 350!

Monday Oct 26, 6:00pm
Chakra Vinyasa

Tuesday Oct 27, 4:15pm
Chakra Vinyasa

Wednesday Oct 28, 10:30am
Chakra Vinyasa

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evolutionary edge
E2 continues this Dec 12 & 13!
Join Shiva in Vancouver!

evolutionary edge

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upcoming events
Oct 19 – 23 Fluid Power: Sequencing and Practices for Liberating the Flow Teacher Training

teacher training


Oct 24 – 28 Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala Teacher Training


Dec 18 - 20 Return to the Light: Winter Solstice In-Town Retreat at Exhale, Venice, CA
Joined by Dave Stringer




Nov 11 City Yoga, MADRID

Nov 12 Tending the Sacred Fire, Barcelona

demetri velaskakis

Nov 13 – 15 TriYoga, London, UK
Sold Out


Dec 12 – 13 Semperviva: Vancouver, Canada: Living Yoga Sadhana


Nov 3 – 8 Sacred Body Sacred Space: Universal Rhythm, Prana Flow Yoga, Kirtan ~ Moroccan Trance Music Retreat
Optional Yoga Trance Dance (TM) Teacher Training Module



Dec 26 – Jan 2 Costa Rica New Year Full Moon Yoga Retreat  
Optional Teacher Training Module: “The Vinyasa Wave: Advanced Teacher Training in Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa"
Joined by guest teacher Maria Garre


March 20 – 29 Kerala, India Ananda Tandava Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Optional Teacher Training Module

For more information or to register please call 301-560-0934 or email retreats@yogadventures.com.   

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featured video
Learn more about 350.org!  Because the world needs to know

featured video

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prana flow events

Twee Merrigan
October 15 – 17
Open Prana Flow Classes at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, PA
*Thursday night with Simon Park!

Roberto Lim
October 17, 1 - 3:30pm
Sringara Rasa: Balancing the Feminine and Masculine at Kismet Wellness in Andover, MA

Coral Brown
Oct 17, 2 - 4:30pm
Collective Flow: Prana Flow Immersion at Dharma Connection in Sandwich, MA

Franck Bessoles
October 17 – 18
Yog'Inspiration: Prana Flow Workshop at Sultan Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

Micheline Berry
October 24 - 30
Hawaiian Ecstasy Retreat Big Island, Hawaii

Maria Garre
October 30 - November 1
Fall Ayurveda Detox Weekend at Ananda Shala in Frederick, MD

Gina Caputo
November 6 - 8
Ayurveda + Prana Flow Yoga with Maria Garre, hosted by Kansas Siddhi Yoga in Kansas City, MO

Simon Park
November 10 – 11
Prana Flow Yoga Workshops at Core Power Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

Kelley Doyle
November 14
Mandala Flow at Sierra Shanti in Mammoth Lakes, CA 

Daphne + Tom Larkin
November 23 - 25 
Prana Flow Yoga Workshops with Simon Park, hosted by Sanctuary Yoga in Nashville, TN

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kristen townsendBig thanks to Pulse Newsletter editor Kristen Townsend!


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