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September 22, 2011

18 Reasons that the Nation I Love  looks like a Joke, these days.

The other day, President Bill Clinton straight-up warned that our United States of America looks like a "joke" when one of our two political parties disqualifies candidates who believe in science. But his comment wasn't partisan, purely: he went on to say that we actually need a real Right-Left debate on how best to fight Climate Change.

In honor of that obvious observation (if you’re into facts—98 percent of climatologist scientists agree that human-caused pollution significantly contributes to global climate change—which has already cost us billions in increased flooding, storms, hurricanes, pine beetle expansion), here’s a list I’ve culled, lightly edited and expanded on from comments from Reddit

18 reasons that the US might look like a joke to an outsider, these days.

1. Denying Climate Change (“We know for a fact that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. We know for a fact that we’ve introduced massive amounts of CO2 into the air. We know for a fact that the earth is getting warmer.”)

2. Sarah Palin.

3. Biggest income disparity among first world nations.

4. Largest prison inmate population and highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world.

5. Playing chicken with the World’s Markets. Bankers. Unregulated, irresponsible greed. The housing market. Wall St.

6. Having a legitimate presidential candidate who prayed for rain.

7...18 are ovah heah, if you want 'em all.

~Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

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