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June 9, 2011 Elephant

An interview with yours truly, re Hanuman

A few days back I was honored to be interviewed about Hanuman Festival, the first big national music and yoga festival to come to ele's hometown...ever. elephant and myself are honored to support Hanuman, and participate, and cover.

I'll offer our Walk the Talk Show (I'll interview Seane Corn, we'll get a song via MC Yogi), and teach basic meditation, and serve as MC at the 20th Anniversary Party for White Swan at Boulder Theater. For more info, as well as the interview:

Off the Cushion, into the World: an interview with Waylon Lewis, Ambassador for Hanuman Festival by Jessica Duvarage of Where is my Guru.

Next week we'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming. Below, please find our usual "top 10 of the week," chosen by Emily and the rest of our intern team.

~Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

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Top Ten of the Week

Wu Wei All The Way. ~ Sunita Pillay

WuWeiLessons on going with the flow.

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Hipster 101: How To Be A Buddhist. ~ Brie Doyle

BuddhistHipster101 You need to meditate. Like, a lot.

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divideEat Meat. ~ Sasha Aronson

EatMeatIt's tasty and...well...

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divide Before Buddha become a Buddha, he was a Yogi.
~ Ramesh Bjonnes


He gave it a try.

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divideName Me a Single War that was Worth It? ~ James Altucher

Warworthit?Check the comments section.

Read moredivide27 tweets on Lakshmi Bikini. ~ yoga lab 2.0

lakshmiYes, that's a lot of goddess on a lot of tush. But is it immoral? Photos, debate:

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divideFacebook's Mark Zuckerberg: "I've basically become a Vegetarian." ~ Waylon Lewis

MzuckAVeggie"I only eat meat I kill." The most powerful man in the world starts to get conscious about meat, and where it comes from? We like:

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divideAre "Blessings to You" the New F*ck You" ?
~ Tamara Kerner

BlessingstoyouAre you namanasty?

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My Boyfriend Takes Naked Pictures of Other Women."
~ Jessica Durivage

NakedLadyA practice of...self-acceptance.

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divideA night in the forest at Windhorse Farm. ~ Jim Tolstrup

windhorsefarm"Deadwood is the life of the forest."

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Walk the Talk Show


Waylon interviews Gov. Howard Dean.

Events (free)
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Hanuman Festival
June 16-19th (we'll be there)
Boulder, Colorado

Compassion in Modern Times with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
June 17-19th
New York City, New York

Yoga Rocks the Park
June 19- September 25th
Denver, Colorado
More Info

June 22-24th
Boulder, Colorado
More Info

Mountain Pose Yoga Fest
July 7-10th
Copper Mountain, Colorado
More Info

Telluride Yoga Festival
July 14-17th
Telluride, Colorado
More Info
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Funny of the Week
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What A Woman Wants. {Video}

Wow of the Week
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Esperanza Spalding:
"I'm not gunna sit around..."
Quote of the Week
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"A great deal of the chaos in the world occurs because we don't..."
~Chogyam Trungpa

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