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Dear Friends,

Getting ready for the Open Road..

In a few days I am going to begin my "from the open road" yogadventures blog - something I have never done as I love to live in the moment. But new pathways have been stirring for some time and it feels important to share what is happening in the PULSE at home and around the globe. So beginning this Saturday, I will lead my last class until April 13th closing an amazing cycle of 15 classes in the past 10 days including the divine Temple of Rasa last Saturday with Donna De Lory, Dave Stringer, CC White, Momo, Hari Bol Das, the Kirtaniyas all took the roof off Exhale as we dived into the prana flow vinyasas in all rhythms.

Please join me for my last class this Saturday at 10:30  at Exhale with musical guests. When I return on April 13th, I will bring gifts from the Kumbha Mela. On this Sat's class, I will be collecting prayers to be released into Ma Ganga during the Mela.

If you would like to follow the Blog check out the my homepage of my website (in process of a big redesign launch in April with Namaste Interactive) or our Facebook page. For the first time, I am going to go for it with Facebook posts. So check out the below if you are interested as well as the many wonderful happenings around the country.

May the sun rise us up and the earth ground us in our roots,

Getting ready for the next cycle,


shiva rea

March 2010
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now igniting
now igniting

India Travel Blog
I leave for India for a nine-day pilgrimage with beloved and friends to open and bow to teachers and temples and everyday human experiences...

The Journey:
Journey Begins:
Videolog from Sat Class 10:30 - Last Class before I go on Pilgrimage...
Flight to Delhi via Hong Kong
March 9-11th Pilgrimage to Kamkhya - Yoni Temple of Shakti
March 11th-15th Kumbha Mela with Parmath Niketan Ashram and Camp
March 16th - Khajuraho - Temple of Rasa and 64 Yogini Temple
March 18th - March 30th Kerala and Kalari Shakti
March 31-April 3 - Bali Spirit Festival of Arts - Yoga and Kecak Intensive

Click here to start following the Spontaneous Adventures of SahajaYogini!  Shiva will be updating this blog while traveling India and Bali throughout the next month.  Updates will be available on TravelPod, Shivarea.com, and Facebook.  Stay tuned!

Vasant (Spring) Navaratri begins March 16.  Click here to learn more!

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teacher training highlights
teacher training highlights

Living Vinyasa: The Power + Pulse of Flow at YogaTree San Francisco, April 29-May 2
30 Hour Intensive

Shiva will offer an immersion in the art of living flow that systematically explores the syncopation of our individual body rhythms with the collective rhythms of life as a way to live in the spiritual bio-rhythms of yoga.  Our journey will include practical tools and life-changing insights to explore the pathways of flow in yoga and your life:

- Five transformational prana flow practices with live music, dynamic to sublime rasa-drenched

- The science of collective vibration with Alex Theory, Ph.D. and Tantric teachings on the sacred pulse as the organizing sequence of consciousness with Chris Tompkins and Harish Wallis.

- Shiva’s integration of the system of living vinyasa based on the techniques of creating resonance within the flow of a practice or daily life.

- Evening ritual dives celebrating Beltane (5/1) and the launch of the PULSEtent at Wanderlust Festival Event at the Filmore on Sunday, 5/2 featuring Shiva, DJ Dragonfly, MC Yogi + more. directory.

For more info, please contact YogaTree.
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yogadventure highlights
yogadventure highlights
Photo by Jenay Martin

Siva-Sakti Sacred Union Series begins April 23 - 25 at Exhale, Venice

The Siva-Sakti series is dedicated to exploring and realizing sacred embodiment and passionate union reflected in the core union of creation - the dance of the positive and negative polarities, the archetypal masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti - to create greater balance within relationships and in the world. These journeys are for lovers of life - sensually positive, creative, real, and passionate beings - singles or couples - on the yogic path.

April 23-25 Weekend at EXHALE, Venice

Yogini Shakti! Embodying the Creative Power + Sacred Feminine April 23 - 25
Connect modern-day yoginis with the ancient yoga traditions that honor the shakti within all of creation. Over three-days, we will explore movement meditations dedicated to the divine feminine or Shakti Namaskars, specific mudras, meditation, asanas, mantras and prayers for awakening Shakti AND integrate the sacred masculine in a collective  yogi and yogini trance dance and meditation.

Shakti Sadhana: Pre-Post Natal Intensive April 23-26

Bom Siva! Men's Tribal Gathering: A Call to All Wild Hearted Yogic Warriors with Demetri Velisarius + Brothers April 23-25
In this weekend gathering of yogis, we will experience our inherent ground of wisdom, courage and camaraderie by drawing from the powerful archetype of the great yogin Shiva, the ultimate enlightened male role model as a source of inspiration and integration with the sacred masculine. Engaging in embodied practices, transformational rituals and interactive sessions (including one evening event joining the yogini women's retreat) we will give rise to our authentic expression, feed our inner fire, dance with the outer fire and celebrate the journey of this extraordinary life.
Click here for more info!

SAVE THE DATE for upcoming ShivaShakti: Sacred Union Retreats
Sept 18-22 Tara Mandala, Pagosa Springs, CO
Oct 8-11 Kripalu, Lenox, MA devotion.

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yoga media

yoga solChris Tompkins DVD: An Introduction to Goddess Tantra: Meditations on the Shri Cakra

A 90-minute DVD

The last great school of Shaiva Tantra, that of the Goddess Lalitā (the ‘Player’), is embodied in the sacred work Yoginī Hrdayam (‘Heart of the Yoginī’). The spiritually inspiring teachings of this profound work are translated and brought to the public here for the first time by Sanskrit scholar and Yoga practitioner Christopher Tompkins.

Through beautiful color images of Goddess and her Śrī Cakra, the Yogin is taken through the most important journey of life—into the unveiling one’s own Divine being.

"Through beautiful color images of the Goddess and her Śrī Cakra,the Yogin is taken through the most important journey of life—into the unveiling one’s own Divine being." 

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shiva recommends

bali malasSecond Sight ~ By Judith Orloff

Dr. Orloff celebrates the exciting launch of her new book “Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story and Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom.” A riveting story of Dr. Orloff's exile between two worlds—intuition and mainstream medicine—SECOND SIGHT reveals Dr. Orloff's journey from an intuitive child, alone with confusing abilities, to an esteemed intuitive psychiatrist who dares to come out of the “intuitive closet” to defy medical taboos. She also teaches you empowering, practical techniques to awaken you own intuitive powers to transform your health and life! (This is the new Three Rivers Press edition.)
Today Dr. Orloff is treating you to an incredible book-launch, one-time offer with a special “Act On A Hunch” gift collection from herself, and friends Michael Beckwith, Dr. Daniel Amen, Shirley MacLaine and many more.  Plus receive Judith's first lesson from her new "Emotional Vampire Course" from the Daily Om!

Click here to purchase the book and receive your special gifts!


Final Feliz by Taj final feliz

This 300 page documentary portraiture study is an interactive exchange of the parallels between science, culture and lifestyle, with a focus on gesture and movement.  This fresh and originalcollaborative of images and thought provoking essays was researchedby Taj for 6 years in travel and born out of the desire to stimulate inter-continental awareness and raise the personal meaning of "dance" in your life.

Relevant to our times and an engaging sensory journey, this unique project stimulates the imagination to mindful action and honestanalysis of the light and shadows of all artistic expression.  This information can be used as tools to guide you to new ideas as modelsof reality.

A project of purpose, all proceeds from books and audio books purchases are donated to global cause.  We are buildinga foundation of seva and stewardship by nurturing responsibleimagination.  
To more get involved: www.finalfelizfoundation.org and www.misstaj.com

"Final Feliz is an extraordinary visual prayer and praise of themover behind the movement - that unseen force that propels us as human beings to move and then to recognize the intensity of thatmotion in a twice-born expression know as dance." ~ Shiva Rea

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tribal fire
Costa Rica Retreat 2009/2010

These are photos from our New Year Full Moon Costa Rica Retreat, courtesy of Jenay Martin! 

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sacred activism
earth hourSave the Tiger

Over the last decade Save The Tiger Fund grantees have been working diligently in each of the world’s remaining tiger landscapes to understand basic tiger ecology, predator-prey relationships, habitat use and distribution patterns, and reproductive biology of this ellusive species. This work has greatly contributed toour understanding of the species, as well as the important role that it plays in the ecosystems of Asia.

Tiger Conservation
If we want to save wild tigers, we will have to improve and expand on-the-ground conservation efforts that directly reduce threats to tigers and increase tiger and prey populations and improve their habitat. However, without controls on the demand for tiger parts, inordinate pressures are being placed on wild tigers. Even tiger reserves are not safe. That is sadly illustrated by the case of Sariska Tiger Reserve in India where, in 2005, poachers completely wiped out wild tigers. Thus our tiger conservation strategy must both improve and strengthen on-the-ground conservation and reduce the trafficking of tiger parts. We are tackling the approach using a two-pronged strategy: the first is to strengthen landscape-level conservation and the second is to stop the illegal trade in tiger parts.

Save the Tiger Fund works with international and local organizations throughout Asia to study the impact of habitat fragmentation and degredation on biodiversity, establish ecological corridors that reconnect high-value landscapes, and bring back our most threatened species back from the brink of extinction.

Climate Change
Save the Tiger Fund provides funding for projects in high-carbon storage forests to increase government capacity to effectively prevent and deter illegal logging, increase local incentives for environmental conservation, and direct carbon-offset credits to fund the conservation of high value habitats. community.


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shiva's flow
shiva's flow

Shiva will be offering Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa Saturday March 6, 10:30AM ~ Last Class until April 13! Shiva will be joined by musical guests: C.C.White, Joey Lugassy, Nikos Velisarius, Momo and Hari Bol Das. We will also be welcoming Micheline back from Brazil at 9:00am!   

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evolutionary edge
TONIGHT! Wednesday March 3, 5:30PM PST, join Shiva as she discusses "How to truly live a sacred life" as part of the Sacred Awakening Teleconference Series

evolutionary edge


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upcoming events
April 1 – 4 BaliSpirit Festival, Ubud, Bali

bali spirit
Joined by Daphne Tse!

April 9 – 11 Boston Yoga Journal Conference


April 12 Sonic Yoga, NYC Prana Flow Workshop

om group


April 16 – 18 Shakti Vinyasa, Seattle, WA Tending the Sacred Fire: Living Yoga Sadhana


April 23 - 26
Exhale, Venice: Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training



April 30 - May 2 Yoga Tree, SF Living Vinyasa: The Power + Pulse of Flow

demetri velaskakis

May 14 – 15 Yoga Rocks the Mall, Washington DC
May 16 - 17 Ananda Shala, Frederick, MD Prana Flow Workshop


May 21 - 30 Exhale, Venice: 10 Day Teacher Training Immersion Part 2

teacher training

May 21 - 25 The Vinyasa Wave: Fluid Power Intensive

May 21 - 23 Tantric Studies Weekend: Spanda Shakti

May 26 - 30 Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala

May 28 - 30 Tantric Studies Weekend: Tantric Body


April 23 – 25 Yogini Shakti: Embodying the Goddess: Living Practices for Awakening Shakti at Exhale, Venice with Pre/Post Natal optional intensive

Flyer by Lisa Firefly

April 23 – 25 Bom Siva! Men's Tribal Gathering: A Call to All Wild Hearted Yogic Warriors with Demetri Velisarius at Exhale, Venice

Flyer by Lisa Firefly

June 28 – July 4 Living the Sacred Flow ~ Full Moon Yogadventure in Santorini, Greece

santorini, greece

Flyer by Lisa Firefly

For more information please email retreats@yogadventures.com or call 301-560-0934 

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featured video
Check out a clip from our winter immersion at Exhale, complements of prAna, filmed by Rich Van Every, edited by Akira Chan

featured video

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prana flow events

Daphne Tse
March 6
Bhakti Bliss at Exhale, Venice

Simon Park
March 6 – 13
Essential Tools for Teaching Flow Part 2 at Sonic Yoga in NYC

Shannon Paige Schneider
March 7, 12:30 – 3:30 PM
Introduction to Tantric Yoga with Chris Tompkins at OmTime in Denver, CO

Coral Brown
March 11
Collective Flow Immersion at Vail Athletic Club in Vail, CO

Twee Merrigan + Simon Park
March 21 – 26
Essential Tools for Teaching Flow at Kripalu Center for Yoga in Lenox, MA 

Maria Garre
March 25 – 28
The Yoga Conference and Show in Toronto, Canada 

Micheline Berry
April 16 – 18 + April 30 - May 2
Prana Flow Teacher Training Intensive: Embodying the Flow in Tampa, FL

Gina Caputo
April 16 - 18
Spring Detox Ayurveda Weekend with Maria Garre at Kansas Siddhi Yoga West in Kansas City, MO

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kristen townsendBig thanks to Pulse Newsletter editor Kristen Townsend!


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