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August 17, 2011

Dating a Yoga Goddess.

One of our most popular articles, ever? I don't love it.

And that, to me, is what elephant is. We're dialogue, not club.

We're about exercising our weakened societal muscles that enable "disagreement" and "respectful" to occur simultanously.

Readers and writers sometimes ask what we're about. "You seem to focus on everything!?" They don't mean that as a complement. I assure them: sorry, we are about everything. Life's about everything. And we're about life—everything from eco diapers to mountain biking to campaign financing or obesity or animal rights, meditation how-to and flower arranging. We're about bringing mindfulness, prajna, joy and compassion to everything we do.

And so it is that elephant, itself, becomes a joy to me. It's not about me and what I like or think. It's free to disagree with me—or you. And we're free, through our comments section and the wonderful give-take 2.) nature of online journalism, to disagree or dialogue with authors and one another. Respectfully.

And so it is when an egotistical self-regarding New Agey prima donna rants about how wonderful and fabulous she is, I don't (as editor-in-chief) take the article down or edit it into something I agree with. I feature it. Then I leave a comment. And then, to my delight, our readers embrace it as one of the most interesting (whether you agree or look down upon) articles on elephant, ever. And then, to my delight, my heart, mind and eyes are opened, and I get to like the article and the author, both.

If you'd like to write on elephant, do it now. As "Dating a Yoga Goddess" puts it,

"Don't wait for life to look like the movies. Start writing your story. Start where you are. You don't need anything."

Except to email us with your idea for an article. Seriously—try us. We'll even publish supporters of Michele Bachmann.
~Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

Readership: Google Analytics: 681,000 unique readers this month, a milestone. 1,077,000 articles viewed this month. Connect: Facebook (48,000 fans) or twitter (41K followers, voted #1 in US for Green two years running)

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~ Rachel Meyer


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I Am Enough. ~ Andrea Balt


The author bids her "perfectionism monster" adieu. No typos in this article. Typos wood drive this author crazy.

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But that's not the point, is it?

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Racism at its...what?

Wow of the Week
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muslim woman

Three Options: What Would You Do?. [VIDEO]
Quote of the Week
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"We are all a..."

~ Dr. Seuss defines "love" once and for all, whether you're short or tall.

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