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"Do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world!" –Paramahansa Yogananda
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Happpppppy Newwwwwwwww Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrr Roar! Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Full Moon in the jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica, we send you all of the positive energy of "PURA VIDA"the PURE Life - that is the greeting here in Costa Rica!  Pura Vida is the radiant charge of the life-force - abundant in prana - mango, children, big waves, fresh coconuts, howler monkeys,skin-salt-wind, tribal joy, the power of love......

The way of Bhakti is to offer love to every moment - low or high tide, empty or full, contracted or expanded, to yourself and all.

For the 2010 year, we are offering you a new form - the Sacred Arts Calendar which will keep you in touch with the pulse of the primary rhythms of the new moon, full moon, solstices and larger gatherings. Our website has all of the 2010 rhythms beginning with the Naga Shakti Series where we will be experiencing yoga with primal beings such as Tigers and live Boas!

May this next circumambulation around the sun be the most auspicious year yet...

Thank you for all of participation and support. 

I hope our paths cross again and again.... 

Love All Ways, 

your shaktidasi

shiva rea

January 2010
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now igniting
now igniting

Naga Shakti: Encounters in Primal Vinyasa
The Naga Shakti Series is an opportunity for LIVE sacred yogic encounters with extraordinary animals - Cobra Snakes, Tigers, Monkeys, and Dolphins - the mythic beings that awaken and transmit the coiled flowing power of our instinctual body. Experiencing yoga and meditation in the presence of these creatures, awakens a deeper, non-verbal connection to core movements that originally gave rise to asanas.  For all levels of adventurous yogins... 

First weekend of this series: Jan 16 + 17: Kundalini Shakti
In India, snakes are worshipped as NagaShakti, the divine kundalini flow and as Nagaraja, Lord Siva as the Serpent King wrapped in serpents while deep in meditation and dance.  Experience a Primal Vinyasa to awaken the instinctual body through a direct encounter with the sacred boa snakes (nagas) while meditating and flowing in yoga.  We will create a safe, ritual environment to go beyond fear and open to a living embodiment of the creative life-force of Kundalini Shakti.  This transformative experience will give you the direct transmission of moving and being in the slow, fluid, creative serpent power embodied in these beautiful artistic beings.  These wonderful boas have been raised with humans and are completely safe and amazing wisdom beings.  

Awakening Kundalini Shakti with Live Boas, Exhale, Venice
Jan 16 + 17, April 23, May 29, July 25 + Oct 29  

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teacher training highlights
teacher training highlights

Click here to view our Teacher Training Calendar

NEW Tantric Studies Program with Chris Tompkins, MTA, MA, Shiva Kumar, Dr. Lorin Roche, Shiva Rea and other teachers

Program Initiation at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference All Day Intensive Friday January 29, 2010.  All other weekend dates will be held at EXHALE, Venice, CA. 

The Tantric Studies program provides the opportunity for practitioners of all levels to go deeper into the origins and practices of contemporary yoga with Tantra.  In 2010 as students of the flow, we will drink from the Krama school of Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra to unfold the experiential link of vinyasa krama to the sequencing of the Shakti as the divine creative intelligence.

Sessions will explore:
  • Tantric philosphy - darshan
  • Study of source texts
  • Sanskrit awakening
  • Tantric meditation
  • Mantra and yantra
  • Tantric embodiment of mudras, karanas (flowing asanas)
  • Prana vidya (knowledge of prana)
  • Ritual and worship that unfolds as the art of living yoga

See dates on the 2010 calendar, now online!  

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yogadventure highlights
yogadventure highlights

Ananda Tandava India Yatra: Kumbha Mela, Khajuraho, + Kerala Kundalini Shakti Retreat March, 2010

Join us for our 7th annual India Yatra (sacred journey) dedicated to experiencing and realizing the great dance of consciousness in all forms - the Ananda Tandava!  We return every year for a 9-day rejuvenation retreat in our spiritual home of Kerala.  This year we are adding two more sacred stages of the journey in Northern India: the Kumbha Mela (March 10-14) and Khajuraho Tiger-Love Temple Tour (March 15-18) for those who want to expand their journey or just join us for the Northern tour.    

Kerala Kundalini Shakti Retreat: March 21-30

For more retreat details, please see the website!

Click here to see a clip of Shiva in Incredible India.

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yoga media

daily energyDaily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

"This is the latest offering from Shiva, and is very reflective of her actual teaching style in a live class. I had the pleasure of spending another week with her in LA a few weeks ago, and we did some practices very similar to these. It's a fantastic DVD, and a great way to get Shiva right in your own home!!!"  - Amazon Review

Available through Acacia

See a clip from the DVD here!
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shiva recommends

bali malasWear Peace - Bali Malas

Bali Malas announces its collaboration with Shiva Rea and her guidance in designing the "Trika Collection: Energetic Malas of Siva, Shakti, and Union."  The "Trika Collection" is an energetic mala collection with layers of meanings and purposes. Composed of three or "tri" malas, the malas can be worn togetheror individually for invoking different energetic states:

Siva Rudraksha -  "Mala  of Empowerment"  with trident charm invoking the solar current."Om Namah Shivaya"

Sakti Rudrani - "Mala of Creative Flow" with lotus charm invoking the lunar current.  "Om Hrim"

Siva-Sakti - Mala of Integration with Sri Chakra charm invoking the union of the masculine and feminine"Om Hrim Namah Shivaya"

These healing malas can be worn separately to activate one's personal energetics or worn together for significant healing power.

"[Bali Malas] malas are the best malas I've ever seen in the world! They have the most spiritual essence of any malas I've encountered through all of my travels."  -Shiva Rea

More info at www.BaliMalas.com

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tribal fire
Costa Rican Full Moon Retreat

We are still uploading our photos from our Costa Rica but here is a picture of Howler Monkey balls from Steve White of New Zealand. May you have the balls to live your passion in 2010!

tribal fire




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sacred activism
Repower America
This is a statement from President and CEO of Repower America, Maggie L. Fox, on President Barack Obama's remarks at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  

“With the world watching, today President Obama addressed the United Nations Climate Change Conference and laid a clear path for America to join an historic international endeavor and move boldly forward towards a 21st century clean energy future and a global response to the climate crisis. The U.S. Senate must now lead our country and the world and pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation by April 22nd, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. What President Obama asked of the world today we must now ask of our own nation – to put aside the politics of the day and to embrace a spirit of cooperation and bold action. For the workers who need jobs, for our families who want security, and for our children and grandchildren who deserve the prosperity, safety and health that a clean energy future will bring through American leadership.”

For more info and news updates, please visit www.repoweramerica.org.  

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shiva's flow
shiva's flow

Shiva will be offering Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa Monday, Jan 11, 18, 25
6:00 - 7:30PM
Saturday, Jan 16 + 23
10:30AM - 12:15PM
Saturday Jan 16 4:00 - 6:00PM

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evolutionary edge
Join Shiva for a New Year Celebration weekend at Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX January 9 + 10

Click here for more details!

evolutionary edge

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upcoming events
Jan 16 – 17 Kundalini Shakti
Exhale, Venice, CA

kundalini shakti


Jan 29 San Francisco Yoga Journal All-Day Intensive Tantric Studies Program Initiation!


Jan 30 Ignite Your Passion: Yoga Trance Dance + Kirtan with Donna DeLory, MC Yogi + DJ Dragonfly at SF Yoga Journal Conference

Jan 30 - 31 San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference 


Feb 12 Maha Shivaratri Chant
Exhale, Venice, CA


Feb 19 - 21 Tantric Studies Weekend: Tantric Roots
Exhale, Venice, CA

tantric roots 


Feb 19 – 23 Embodying the Flow: Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training

venice tt

Feb 24 - 28
 Essential Tools for Teaching Flow: Energetic Alignment, Hands-On Assists, Vinyasa Krama Sequencing for 108 Asanas 

Full 10 days at Exhale, Venice, CA


Feb 27 Shiva's Birthday Tiger Shakti Mela


April 23 – 25 Shiva-Shakti Men's and Women's In-Town Retreat at Exhale, Venice



June 28 – July 4 Radical Relaxation Retreat in Santorini, Greece

santorini, greece

To register contact retreats@yogadventures.com or call 301-560-0934.   

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featured video
Check out our New Year's celebration bonfire in Costa Rica YouTube - SamudraYogadventures's Channel!

featured video

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prana flow events
Daphne Tse
January 9 – 10
Savasana Music + Kirtan Concert w/ Shiva Rea Workshop Event
at Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX

Maria Garre
January 14 – 18
200-Hour Prana Flow (R) Teacher Training at Ananda Shala in Frederick, MD

Daphne & Tom Larkin
January 16 - 17
Freedom and Form Prana Flow Workshop
at Prana Yoga Center in Denville, NJ

Gina Caputo
January 22
200-Hour Teacher Training
at Kansas Siddhi Yoga, Kansas City, MO

Twee Merrigan
January 22 – 24
Prana Flow Weekend Exploration at Total Body yoga in Chicago, IL

Micheline Berry
February 5 - August 15
200-Hour Prana Flow Teacher Training at Yogani in Tampa, FL

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