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Dearest Friends on the Blazing Path:

Sending you love and strength as the return of Fall is upon us. 

Bhakti Fest was an extraordinary gathering preparing us for this weekend's Ritual Activation of
*  the worldwide Global Mala (see below) 
*  the beginning of the Navaratri 10 day festival for honoring and activating Shakti within your life (see below)
*  Rosh Hashanah! Shanah Tovah!

A bow to all who have organized and supported the Global Mala in over 400 events around the world and to those Bhaktas who came out for Bhakti Fest!  See you at the Global Mala (I will be at the sacred Tara Mandala), at Yoga Journal Estes Park, Kripalu, Washington D.C. or for the new morning class at Exhale on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.


Love All Ways,


shiva rea

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now igniting
now igniting

 kripaluJUST ADDED: Washington, DC
 October 9 & 10
 Joined by Gaura Vani + the  Mayapuri Drummers

In this in-town retreat, you will experience 3 different practices or sadhanas based upon Shiva's Innovative Living Yoga Sadhana Program: Bhakti, Vira and Shakti. 

Hosted by Flow Yoga Center, held at 
All Souls Unitarian Church - Pierce Hall


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teacher training highlights
teacher training highlights
Photo by Jenay Martin

Click here to view our Teacher Training Calendar

Upcoming East Coast + West Coast Teacher Training Intensives

Kripalu Center for Yoga, Lenox, MA

Yoga Trance Dance: A Teachers' Intensive for Music, Dance and Yoga, October 2 - 4
Beginning with a guided Yoga Trance Dance on Friday evening, this intensive provides basic tools to explore the foundations of Yoga Trance Dance practice, and is designed for yoga teachers and yogadventurers interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance.  

Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala Through Vinyasa Flow Yoga, October 4 - 9
Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the chakra system and yogic body, we will develop a transformative approach to the body mandala-the divine container of the interconnectedness of the Self, our experiences, our relationships, and nature.

For more information and registration please contact Kripalu.


Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice, CA

Fluid Power: Sequencing and Practices for Liberating the Flow, October 19 - 23
Calling all those adventurers willing to dive into the flow and integrate a liberating, philosophically and physiologically grounded approach to fluid movement and flow into their practice and teaching. Morning practices are fertile, creative explorations that catalyze afternoon and evening interactive practicums and discussions.  

Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala Through Vinyasa Flow Yoga, October 24 - 28
See above description. 

For more information and registration, please contact Exhale

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yogadventure highlights
yogadventure highlights

New Year Full Moon Yoga Retreat and Optional Teacher Training Workshop December 26 – January 2, 2010

Bring on the New Year with a transformational yogadventure retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica where the jungle meets the ocean. Nosara is a world-class surf spot where the power of the warm, clear healing ocean is the primordial teacher. Enjoy the magic of each day with optional activities ranging from surfing, transformational yoga, sunset horseback riding, to zipping down the longest, most exhilarating canopy in the world! Whether you are an experienced surfer, have always wanted to surf, or just want to go deeper into fluid power vinyasa with Shiva, we will enter the Full Moon New Year in an empowering and rejuvenating rhythm of living yoga, healing relaxation, and liberating play. 

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yoga media

dave stringerDave Stringer: Joyride CD

Enjoy Dave's Latest Musical Release!


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shiva recommends


Shiva recommends Celebratiing Navaratri!  
See details below

*Navaratri Ritual Preparation. 
Beginning this weekend, September 19th, Saturday until next Sunday, Shakti is celebrated for nine "nava",  ratris' or nights. For three days each, the form of the purifying force of Durga-Kali, the manifesting abundance of Maha Lakshmi and the creative wisdom of Saraswati are celebrated by hundreds of millions of Bhaktis all around the world.  I have included an article from the Hindu perspective if you would like more information, click here. You can also google Navaratri,  you will find lots of images, video footage and information.  I have celebrated Navaratri for the past fifteen years and do not miss this amazing ritual process of connecting authentically to the power of Shakti. Here are some suggestions for entering this ritual cycle with universal awareness.

*Begin by Creating Sacred Space:
Prepare your home and temple of your body by cleaning and caring for your spaces of embodiment. The first three days of Navaratri are the time of clearing out the energy of tamas (regressive, backward moving energy). You could also attend to the process of purification and creating sacred space during this time so that there is no pressure of tension. In particular, clean your altar space and if you are connected to the different aspects of the Divine Mother, Ma Shakti, then invoke her through images, colors, and symbolic offerings that will deepen your ritual reflection.

*Living Practices
In General: Before or after your meditation, pray and journal upon the qualities of Shakti that you can call in from the macrocosmic process to have effect within the microcosm of your being. Allow the shakti forces of purification, nuturing, creation and manifestation to reveal to you how to align with your highest vision in action for collective evolution. Not only write, pray and meditate but live what you are ritually invoking in your thought, speech, actions imbued with the love of life and the mother

*Chanting of kirtan for the divine mother in the form of Durga-Kali, Sri Laxmi Ma, and Saraswati
*Chanting and listening of the Lalita Sahasranama
*Chanting with Japa Mala 18-27-54 or 108 rounds of the mantra Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicche or mantras for the different aspects of the Goddess:
Om Dum Durgayai Namaha, Om Shrim Maha Lakshimaye Namaha, Om Aim Saraswataye Namaha while meditating within your heart upon 
*Fasting in a way that is appropriate from a complete fast on fruits to eating vegetarian food to giving up regressive foods for your system is also traditionally part of Navaratri.

Days 1-3 (Saturday - Monday) Purification of Inner and Outer Obstacles on the Spritual Path (Durga Shakti)

Days 4-6 (Tuesday - Thursday) Worshiping the Healing Beauty and Abundance of Maha Lakshmi

Days 7-9 (Friday - Sunday) Awakening the Divine Wisdom and Creativity of Saraswati Ma

Day 10 Victory of Shakti 

Jai Ma Shakti! 


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tribal fire
Wanderlust and Pranafication

Special thanks to all the Wanderlust + Pranafication musicians: Gaura Vani and the Kindred Spirits, Steve Gold, Donna DeLory, Dave Stringer, the Mayapuri Drummers, DJ Drez and MC Yogi, Vedic priest Shiva Kumar, Tantric and Kashmir Shaivism scholars Paul Muller Ortega, Lorin Roche, and Chris Tompkins, Monkey Chant master Paradox Pollack, Poi Guru Rainbow Michael, photographer Jenay Martin, assistants Monica Mesa, Bonnie Argo, Kelley Doyle, Roberto Lim, Bethany Templin, Luciana Ferraz, Mark Ikus, Gina Caputo, Kalari teacher Jennifer Ellen Mueller, guest teachers Micheline Berry, Twee Merrigan, Demetri Veliskakis, Maria Garre and Lisa Firefly, and Shai R. for a ssspecial sssurprise!

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sacred activism
shivaRise Up for Global Mala 2009!!

Dear Global Friends on the Path,

Thank you for your participation in this year's Global Mala for Peace with over 400 global mala events around the world. You are the groundbreakers, the gatherers, the sacred activists that are inspiring many to look beyond our differences and experience yoga as peace in action.

Global Mala was initiated in 2007 as a response to a call to action for global warming and the power of yoga to activate individual and collective awakening, empowerment, and unity.The Global Mala is an opportunity to connect with the yoga community at large: across all borders, all styles of yoga, forms of yoga this comming weekend Sept. 19-20th, Fall Equinox and United Nations International Peace Day.  This ritual of going beyond the norm, in whatever form you decide, from 108 sun salutations to 108 japa mantra combines yoga with action by offering the power of that energy and funds toward agreater purpose by supporting the organization of your choice. There is a profound ripple effect of coming together as a mala - a circle of unity and peace - from students and teachers coming together within one yogastudio to  yoga centers coming together within a city to the global vibration generated through all of the actions on UN International Peace Day.

We are so grateful for the vision and energy of so many yoga teachers and studios around the world who are creating yoga malas in their communities.  I encourage you to support your local global mala or create a personal ritual of your own.  This year, I am part of the Global Mala for the Colorado yoga community at the 700 acre Tara Mandala Retreat Center for 10 hours of ritual space hosted by Lama Tsultrim in an extraordinary 21 Tara temple that is created in a mandala form. There are many great events from LA to Washington D.C., Amsterdam to Ubud, Bali.

Special thanks to Johannes R. Fisslinger for the National Yoga Month's support of the Global Mala for Peace and the organizers of Yoga for Peace as well as all of the wonderful sponsors including our fantastic media partners - Namaste Interactive.

Keep tending the sacred fire.

Love all ways,

Shiva Rea
Global Mala Founder/Catalyst 

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shiva's flow
shiva's flow

Shiva will be offering Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa
Monday Sept 28, 6pm

Starting September 30

at Exhale, Venice

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evolutionary edge
E2 continues!
Next Stop is Washington, DC

evolutionary edge
Flyer by Lisa Firefly

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upcoming events

Sept 20 Los Angeles Global Mala Celebration

global mala


Oct 19 – 23 Fluid Power: Sequences and Practices for Liberating the Flow

teacher trainingFlyer by Lisa Firefly


Oct 24 – 28 Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala

chakra vinyasa 
Photo by Jenay Martin

Sept 19  Global Mala with Shiva Rea at Tara Mandala in Pagosa Springs, CO

tara mandala
Flyer by Lisa Firefly


Sept 24 - 27 Yoga Journal Conference, Estes Park, CO 



Oct 2 – 4 Yoga Trance Dance: A Teachers' Intensive for Music, Dance and Yoga at Kripalu, Lenox, MA

Photo by Jenay Martin

Oct 4 - 9 Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala Through Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Kripalu, Lenox, MA


Nov 12 Tending the Sacred Fire, Barcelona

Nov 13 - 15 Living Yoga Sadhana at TriYoga, London


November 3 – 8 Sacred Body Sacred Space: Universal Rhythm, Prana Flow Yoga, Kirtan ~ Moroccan Trance Music Retreat
Optional Yoga Trance Dance (TM) Teacher Training Module



December 26 – January 2 
Costa Rican New Year Full Moon Yoga Retreat 
Optional Teacher Training Module

costa rica


March 2010 Ananda Tandava: Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala, India
Optional Teacher Training Module


To register contact Dominica at retreats@yogadventures.com or 301-560-0934 

Retreat postcards by Lisa Firefly

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featured video
Yoga Trance Dance Training at an early age! 

featured video

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prana flow events
Franck Bessoles
September 20 
Global Mala Singapore at PURE Yoga, Singapore
*Joined by Daphne Tse

Gina Caputo
September 20 
Global Mala Event: 108 Pranafied Sun Salutations for Peace! at Kansas Siddhi Yoga Studio West, Kansas City, MO

Roberto Lim
September 27
Yoga with Live Chanting, Music and Spoken Word at Back Bay Yoga in Boston, MA
*Joined by Kirtan Wallah Gaura Vani & Poet/Percussionist John de Kadt 

Daphne Tse
October 2 - 3 
Peace Concerts in Hong Kong, China

Maria Garre
October 2 – 4
The Yoga Conference, Vancouver, Canada 

Shannon Paige Schneider
October 9, 6 to 9pm 
Poetic Body. Poetic Soul. Embodied Poetry: An Expressive Embodiment of the Radiance Sutras at Om Time in Denver, CO
*Co-taught by Lorin Roche

Daphne Larkin
October 9 
The Lotus Heart - Prana Flow with Live Music at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville, TN

Twee Merrigan
October 9 – 11
Essential Tools for Teaching Flow: Energetic Alignment, Hands-On Assists, + Vinyasa Krama Sequences for 108 Asanas at Sonic Yoga in New York, NY

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kristen townsendBig thanks to Pulse Newsletter editor Kristen Townsend!


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