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June 29, 2011 Elephant

Meet Cute.

What is love?

(Heck if I know).

I do know that it—along with sex, food, money, exercise, and the occasional Eton Mess—is a fundamental want among we human beings.

This is what the coming together of two lovers looks like.

~ watch the video if you like ~

All your life he or she is out there…and one day, maybe, if you’re lucky, you find yourself sharing the same square yard of oxygen.

(I've heard).

Even then, though, we must remember...we're alone. And that loneliness, that fundamental space, is not something to ignore or fight or get rid of, but rather it’s the space in which the dance, the art, the flower arrangement that is our ongoing love affair can play and be made manifest.

(Or so I've been told).

~Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

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