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March 27, 2014

Dear Friends on the Path,

If you feel a bit heavy in body, mind and soul, we must remember that it is often like this the days before the new moon and in the transition of Spring (I am feeling my friends on the east coast). This Sunday's new moon begins the festival cycle Navaratri - the ten-day practice period connected to the transition of Spring and reconnecting to the revitalization of our energy through the flow of Shakti (from the composting of winter into the new cycle). I will be offering courses during this time online, this Saturday class at Exhale, Chakra Vinyasa with Chris Tompkins and the Pre-Natal Vinyasa Shakti Sadhana on the culminating day.

I am offering our bi-annual "Embodying Shakti - Spring Navaratri" online course for women (and men) beginning tomorrow with our web-book of practices and background, live-call,  (you can start on Sunday) with your choice of 10 to 30 minute shakti sadhana practices along with a great worldwide community. The fees support our in-depth archive site and staff.   

May we all continue to evolve with grace on this journey of life...

Keep tending the inner fire
Love all ways,image


Join Shiva This Saturday at Exhale, Venice



Embodying Shakti: Spring Navaratri Online Sadhana


Navaratri is the 10-day sadhana period dedicated to the triple form of the Shakti that helps us open fully and let go of any obstacles (Ma Durga), to celebrate the sublime creative flow (Ma Saraswati), realize abundant of love, beauty and generosity (Sri Lakshmi).

This journey is accompanied by simple life-sadhanas including a nourishing sadhana diet and a period of blessing and fortifying one's home to bless and celebrate thespring time first harvest.  This is a process that is inclusive to all spiritual backgrounds and encourages a personal approach to the universal teachings and practical wisdom of the Goddess teachings of Tantra.

New for this Sadhana:
- 4 live calls for chanting the 108 names of the Goddess
- Yoga Nidra Relaxation
- Natural Spring Ayurveda-based Detox

Returning practitioners: $27
New participants: $80

Registration at


Tending the Fire: Chakra Vinyasa and Movement Alchemy


April 3rd - 6th at Yoga Tree Potrero in San Francisco CA

Experience an in-town retreat to tend the inner fire for the rebirth of Spring through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Vinyasa™ integrated with sublime teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantras and supported by an online practice community beyond the teaching training.

All details and registration at

Once-Per-Year Teacher Training Modules at Exhale, Venice


April 7 - 10
Shakti Sadhana + Pre-Natal Vinyasa

Exhale, Venice


April 11 - 13
Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training

Exhale, Venice


Fluid Power: The Art of Living Flow at Esalen, April 20-25


As spring emerges, we immerse ourselves in the power of Esalen’s healing waters to thaw, rejuvenate, and awaken into the new cycle. In this five-day retreat, we will create a “living flow ashram” under the full moon as the Esalen dance dome (aka Leonard Pavilion) becomes a place for yoga, energetic vinyasa, movement, meditation, and recalibration of our system to the rhythms of life.

All details + registration at


Shiva Recommends

imageCheck out Dr. Judith Orloff’s eye-opening new book "The Ecstasy of Surrender.” It teaches you the high art of when to exert control and when to let go.

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