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April 3, 2013

Dear Friends on the Path,

With Spring comes cleaning. Every year I try to synch with Spring Navaratri for my spring "cleaning" a 10 day ancient sadhana festival that occurs during the transition point or sandhya between seasons.

This year we are offering our Spring Cleaning with Spring Navaratri for both women and men. I will be offering three levels of sadhana so that you can participate in a simple way to a full transformational program according to your lifestyle. I find some years I am on retreat as this year with Daniel Odier and offering workshops in Netherlands. 

Some years we are quiet at home. Spring brings its own changes as growth composts old structures from the past that must be renewed for evolution to occur.

"Spring Cleaning - Inner and Outer Renewal" is the theme of our annual Online Spring Navaratri group. It is offered to men and women as daily meditation and life-sadhana program including a gentle spring cleaning detox with the Navaratri cycle. I have found this to be the most amazing macro support for the transition of spring and the tending of the inner fire. Our next cycle of online programs is beginning this month as well, including Prana Danda Yoga with Demetri and the Pathways of Prana Flow II.

Lama Tsutrim's workshop begins on this next new moon - a rare opportunity. Munich just went online with special guests Masood Ali Kahn/Sheila Bringi.

May we make it through this transition into the new moon with peace in our hearts and clarity in our vision, inner and outer home.

shiva reaLove all ways,


Upcoming Online Courses

imageOnline Prana Danda Yoga Sadhana - The Foundation Practice Sessions with Demetri and Shiva, April 25 - May 23

Five Weeks of First Level Practice and spinning variation
Live or Archive
* One Hour weekly practice class 
* Core Prana Danda Meditation and 9 round Nadi Shodana
* Three Sequences (Scanning the Horizon, Entering the Gate, Heaven & Earth)
* Private Facebook group
* includes one session for women-men separately

Open to anyone who participated in PranaDandaYoga Teacher training or is interested in upcoming Teacher Training Only.

Click here for all details and registration

imagePathways of Prana Flow
Current Session:
Spring Sacred Training + Dancing Warrior Series, March 27 - April 23

Every five week program explores one of the pathways in an evolution beginning with the foundational "Dancing Warrior" series to the inner energetics of Rasa Vinyasa.

Upcoming Sessions:
April 28 - May 28 Spring Elemental Body Sadhana
July 22 - August 20 Summer Chakra Vinyasa Sadhana
August 26 - September 24 Fall Rasa Vinyasa Sadhana
October Shakti Bhakti Namaskar + Navaratri (Exact Dates TBA)
October 21 - November 19 Tending the Heart Fire

imageMandala of Asanas Online Study Circle, March 29 - April 26

This a way for those who are new to the Samudra teacher training program as well as long time Prana Flow students-teachers an opportunity to "pranify" as in give life to or renew your understanding of the Prana Flow Energetic Alignment Method.

Next Session: May 3 - May 31

Prana Flow Book Club, March 29 - April 26

* weekly email of book club structure
* answer in online private Facebook group question
* each five week question combines to the one book report 
* and have great personal notes for your teacher notebook

Next Session: May 3 - 31

April 10 - 19 "Spring Cleaning - Inner and Outer Renewal" 
Online Spring Navaratri group. 

Offered to men and women as daily meditation and life-sadhana program including a gentle spring cleaning detox with the Navaratri cycle.

Ten Day Process Includes:
* Live Call for New Moon 6:00 - 6:30 a.m. Wed. April 10th (or available on archive)
* Daily Email and audio meditation for 10 days
* Simple Sadhana Guide and Navaratri Sadhana Daily Journal
* Spring Cleaning Sadhana Detox for the 10 days
* Offering of Simple Meditations to follow to
* Advance Altar and Puja guidance
* Personal Facebook Group with Shiva

All Course Details + Registration at


Munich PranaRasaFlow - Movement Alchemy
The Art of Energetic Vinyasa

imageA Regenerative Weekend of master classes, workshops and teacher training for living vinyasa

Experience a full-spectrum yoga practice intensive into the art of pranarasaflow™ - an approach to living vinyasa yoga drawing from yogic arts, tantra, and ayurveda.

In this weekend, you will experience in masterclasses, workshops or teacher trainings, a full-spectrum of energy practices to balance and enhance the flow of our life. Shiva’s Samudra Global School for Living Yoga online practice program is included for five weeks after the program to integrate a way of living in flow.

Hosted by AirYoga Munich

Shiva Recommends


Feeding Your Demons Workshop with Lama Tsultrim Allione, Wednesday April 10

Inspired by the ancient practice of Chöd, “Feeding Your Demons" is a five-step process created by Lama Tsultrim Allione that allows one to offer compassion and understanding to one's own inner demons rather than engaging in battle and struggle with them. This develops the potential for deep healing and allows the psyche to move from polarization toward integration. The process is of great benefit when working with a wide variety of both personal and collective demons including addictions, physical and mental illnesses, fear, anger, relationship challenges, and other dilemmas of modern life.

For more information and registration please see

Co-Sponsored by InsightLA and Shiva Rea

imageDakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Buddhism in the West

The women featured in Dakini Power—contemporary teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, both Asians and Westerners, who teach in the West—have been universally recognized as accomplished practitioners and brilliant teachers whose life stories demonstrate their immense determination and bravery. Meeting them in this book, readers will be inspired to let go of old fears, explore new paths, and lead the lives they envision.

View Video Trailer here
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