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 June 8, 2012 Elephant

Eco Boy vs. Yoga Girl is Back: Honeymoon.

Sweat can be clean and salty and smell like sunshine.

It's not always bad. Sometimes, it's love.

She lay on his chest, in the crook of his pale arm. He climbed a lot, so his shoulders were round.

Her hair was the color of sunshine on water, just after it blinds you. Or, he could just say her hair was redblond, but that was too literal. When you're in love, you have to describe your lover's hair in grade-school poetical terms.

And boy, was he in love.

They hadn't left his bed... here to read the rest.

Yours in Making Fun of Ourselves,

Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

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