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 June 21, 2012 Elephant

Oversexed Bullsh*t Perfect Love Montage.

The Continuing Adventures of Eco Boy vs. Yoga Girl

"We're taught to love love and seek out perfection. We're not taught how to get along with our loved ones, or argue kindly. We're all playing house."
~ Dr. Willard Evans

The oversexed honeymoon was climaxing, and after peaking it would sigh, and fade. Winter wanted in.

“You’re so handsome,” she whispered to him, as he roamed his old Victorian, looking vainly (and, in vain) for his French press. “I need coffee,” he grinned, coming back to her and lifting her up, she was wearing only boxers and an old, soft tee shirt of his. He lifted her onto the cool granite counter, it chilled her thighs, and he kissed her sunlit neck and she sighed and leaned her arms back, her hands holding her up against his roaming mouth.

They were both... here to read the rest.

Yours in Love is Fiction,

Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
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