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 June 28, 2012 Elephant

Life is But a Dream.

The Spiritual Power of a Beautiful View.

Video: 139 Seconds of Wow: "This is our Planet."

Lately, I’ve been a bit burnt out, negative, discouraged. I'm still inspired. But I read the news daily, and I care and I feel my idealism and naiveté run up against the horrendous things we human beings, intelligent and powerful, are blithely doing to one another and our planet, and our children’s future. And while many solutions seem simple, getting them done—with a busy, entertainment-happy first world and partisan politics and entrenched corruption, crime, and aggressive, selfish special interests…well, we seem rudderless, adrift.

So, watching this video, I relax. Heartbreak opens us up, and allows us some joy. In feeling the revolving planet, seen as a whole—this beautiful, wonderful, horrendous, short, precious life comes back into focus.

The Dalai Lama once said that, in Buddhism, beautiful views are considered sacred: for in their perspective they remind us of our hearts, our inspiration, of what’s important…they remind us that life is but a dream. here to watch the video.


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