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December 12, 2013

Dear Friends,

The Ten Days of Peace Sadhana course with Samudra Online began today but you can still join us. Meditate and move through your day by cultivating peace in heart, thought, speech,  and action without losing your juicy humanness and ballsy self.

shine on you cosmic fireball of love shine on

I hope to see you Sunday.

imageOm Shanti


Samudra Online: Ten Days of Peace

imageDecember 12th - 21st - still time to register!

Please join us. W are rising at sunrise for 10 days till the sunrise of the Winter Solstice. We begin a "tending the heart fire practice" of shanti sadhana - the cultivation of being peace.

This is the most beautiful sadhana for transforming unnecessary stress and vata, and to
move from the light of the heart with the rhythm of going more inward as the fertile darkness meets the reemergence of the light.

All details and registration at


Book Release Party


Tickets available through


Holiday Gift Guide ~ SoundsTrue

imageI am so grateful to be with SoundsTrue and the over 10  CDs that have been born over the last 13 years.

The book baby is close to my heart as you know.
If you are a yoga studio and would like to order any books wholesale, please connect with SoundTrue here.

Our pre-order of books is sold out. If you really want one this Sunday, please call in advance to order as we now only have about 50 left to offer.
You can pre-order through Amazon on

Thank you from my heart. You will love this 280 page full-color book and it really is a good gift from the heart. I buy my own books too! and am sending some gift certificates as gifts. Here is one Kristen created that you can download if you like until books are shipped from Amazon January 1st.

A path into the heart that burns with wisdom and melts with love. Tending the Heart Fire is a book to cherish, to
keep by your bedside or meditation mat, and to inspire your contemplation and practice for years to come
. ”
—Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

According to ancient Vedic scripture, the heart is the central place of consciousness. Shiva Rea’s beautifully illustrated book integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern paradigms and evokes a complete picture of yoga, fire, and awareness in the heart of the reader.”
—Dr. Vasant Lad, author of Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

"Shiva Rea continues to ignite the yoga world and beyond with her powerful teachings of radical self-transformation. Deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of India, Shiva’s innovative approach to yoga has revolutionized the Western yoga world. Breathe in, dive deep, and let Shiva guide you into the bright fire that is shining in the center of it all.”
—MC Yogi, musician

dividerBanyan Botanicals

imageI'm so grateful to Banyan Botanicals for supplying our teacher trainings and retreats with oils as we learn about Ayurveda and living in rhythm with the seasons.  We came up with the title of " ambassador of oil" as you all know how much I believe in abhyanga as a self-healing practice. I love their commitment to Organic oils with incredible medicinal variety as well as organic yellow mung dahl! and making ayurvedic materials, herbs available for all.

I LOVE Banyan and thanks for being part of our teacher trainings and retreats.

If you buy any Banyan Botanics from our newsletter it will result in a 20% of your order amount going as a donation to Yoga Energy Activism's Solar-Aid project for 2014.

Thank you Banyan.



I love being to a prAna ambassador along with Chris Sharma, and other amazing flow athletes, artists and yoga teachers.

Their gear for the yoga of life is what I live in, travel in, dance in, and when in cold places even sleep in it is so comfortable and life-force friendly. I particularly appreciate founders, Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, creative involvement and integrity in what they support in the world form a long-time commitment to the earth to supporting community gatherings and festivals for good causes like Keep - a - breast.

For Prana Flow Teachers: If you are a prana flow mentor or graduate or a certified Prana Flow teacher of our 200-500 hour program, they have a special Influencer Program of Connection. Info in next TT newsletter.

Check out their amazing collection. prAnaaaaa Rocksssss!


Energetic Vinyasa in Santorini - new offering with Acacia

imageFinally the Santorini project with Acacia is here - filmed in our favorite place in the world for the European as well as worldwide connected company Acacia.

They requested the classical surya namaskar with bija mantras (never done before) and the chandra namaskar as the namaskars as the whole series follows the Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa principles of solar-lunar balancing through the yoga matrix.

For those of you who have enjoyed Acacia's DVD's, you will always find an evolutionary sequence along with powerfully simple prana flow meditations that anyone can benefit from. One sequence includes meditation with Skaros rock and another as a bonus Demetri and I in a pranadandaflow for the first time of a DVD.

We will be back for more Samudra nomadic filming but this is the professional work that can speak to a broad audience. For me the heart of yoga is always there so I loved filming this with Demetri. It was the year of the Greek crisis so we felt it important to support Greece and the amazing people of Oia we have fallen in love with.

Thank you to Christine Romano who was the executive producer in Europe who made it happen which is the only reason I am not with my favorite and only director at Acacia- James Wvinner.

The view of Santorini is really inspiring in the winter. image
Sending you solar power if you are in the cold.

7 20-min. vinyasa flow practices to mix & match with Yoga Matrix.
With over 3 hours of yoga and meditations to explore, the possibilities are endless.

Order here today

Santorini Retreat 2014 will be June 15 - 24
Registration opens January 15, 2014

dividerI love these women-artists based businesses. For the Radha or Parvati in every yogini...

Free Ravin

Bali Malas



Melodia Designs


Thank you for the music of these amazing artists who I love collaborating with for the dance of life!

Music by:image
Alex Theory
Benjy Wertheimer
C.C. White
Cheb i Sabbah -
his legacy lives on (!)
Craig Kohland + Rara Avis
Daphne Tse
Dave Stringer
DJ Drez
Donna DeLory
EarthRise SoundSystem
Fabian Alsultany
Jai Uttal
Joey Lugassy
John DeKadt
Masood Ali Khan
MC Yogi
Sheela Bringi
Steve Gold

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