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July 17, 2014

Dear Friends,

I have come to love the ways we can stay connected in our online community. Here are our upcoming offerings for our annual women's summer gathering, how to lead a Global Mala, a retreat for Ganesh, and a great course with Chris Tompkins. We put a lot of heart energy into these courses and your feedback has been rewarding.

shiva reaMay we continue to nurture the garden of our life in service to all

For the dance,


Embodying Creative Energy for Women - 21-day Summer Sadhana

August 9th - 29th | Culmination with Ganesh Chaturthi | Course Prep New Moon July 26thimage

Om Sristiaye Namah - I bow to the One is Creative Potency

As women we are inherently creative beings as we carry the power of renewal, cellular guidance, and
access to our heart's wisdom.

Join our third annual summer evolution of the fluid creative core sadhana, this time flowering to embrace the power of expression of our creative energy in all forms. In this 21-day sadhana (and five day preparation period), we will explore the channeling of creativity in our yoga practice with the generation and manifestation of creativity in our life. Each participant initiates a creative project of ANY form that will be nurtured through the 21 day sadhana period with Shiva's sadhana guidance and community interaction.

Three Practices: Prana Flow * Vocal Awakening * Meditation
* Prana Flow * Kundalini Namaskar * Fluid Creative Core/Sacred Belly with Shiva
* Liberating the Flow of Voice with Shiva and special session with C.C. White
* Creative Potency - Weekly Meditation and Mantra Sadhana with altars for creative potency

Connection and Manifestation
* Creative Unfolding Project - Shiva’s  guidance to explore in your sva dharma creative project for the month in a weekly email and Facebook private group
*  Facebook connect with Shiva and Global community

$85 for Practitioners or $55 for Prana Flow teachers

Register at

Full details – Process includes:

imagePrana Vinyasa Creative Movement Sadhanas put in an easily organized space to weave into your practice during the month

New Offering:
Sringara Rasa Vinyasa I filmed in Santorini, Greece (essential flow - 35 min and full flow - 1.5 hour)
*    Fluid Creative Core filmed in White Sands
*    Kundalini Namaskar filmed in White Sands
*    Sahaja vinyasa filmed in White Sands from the Yoga Trance Dance DVD courtesy of Acacia

Vocal Empowerment Sessions – Live with Shiva and a special recording with Shiva and beloved C.C. White

Live Creative Shakti Meditation Calls (also archive for practice)
Living in Rhythm New Moon Meditation and Preparation for Sadhana July 26th
New Moon & Vocal Empowerment August 25th
Culmination call - August 28th

Creative Unfolding – Harvesting Creative Potential & Collective Altars
A simple or rich creative project of your inspiration that will be fertilized through your sadhana and weekly process-facebook group

Weekly Email and Facebook
Connect with Shiva for Creative Inspiration and guidance for your creative project of your choosing

Register here today

Jai Ganesh | August 29th | Samudra Online 1-Day Sadhana

imageJoin us for creating the Ganesh retreat in your own embodiment, home, life and in the world. As we offer meditation, prana flow, mantra, mudra and ritual for the "energy sabbath" retreat of your own rhythm but in connection with Prana Vinyasa teachers around the world.

More details + registration coming soon ~ stay tuned

Global Mala | Free Online Shanti Sadhana

Friday September 19th - Wednesday September 23rdimage
(New Moon and Fall Equinox)

Proceeds benefit The Share Necessities and Solar-Aid

Join us as a yoga practitioner or leader in your community in a shanti sadhana cycle leading up to Fall Equinox-UN International Peace Day and Global Malas around the world (Sept. 19-23rd). Includes a live call with Shiva Aug. 25th on how to lead a global mala. With a little effort, we can generate positive good.

*  Learn to lead a Yoga Mala in your community and be part of the grassroots worldwide activations.

* Set-up a Global Mala in your community

Course Flow:
August 25th - Leading a Yoga Mala in your community
Sept 19 - Sept. 23rd (New Moon and Fall Equinox)
Shanti Sadhana daily connect - Shanti Sadhana prayers and practices

More details + registration coming soon ~ stay tuned

Navaratri Sadhana | Samudra Online | Prep begins Sept 8th

imageEmbodying and Honoring Shakti for Awakening and Life-Blessing
Special Online Sadhana Course with Shiva Rea

Monday September 8th Full Moon Prep Call
New Moon Wednesday September 24th
Navaratri begins Thursday September 25th
Final Culmination Call Friday October 3rd

Join us for our fifth annual Navaratri Shakti Sadhana. We gather around the world as Shiva offers a movement, meditation, ritual and life-process sadhana aligned with the 10-day sadhana period of Navaratri.

We will follow the 10 day cycle in a way accessible to all women and yet depeening for long-time practitioners.
A Shakti Sadhana Facebook group will be set-up for this circle to allow participants to share experiences.

Registration Opening Soon ~ stay tuned for all details

The History and Evolution of Yoga: A Samudra Online Immersion

imageSeptember 7th - December 21st

Experience the full richness and depth of the 3,000 year old Yoga tradition from its earliest roots in the Vedas (1000 BC) through the flourishing of Tantric Yoga and its life-affirming vision that celebrated embodied vinyāsa as the dance of liberation.

Take this extraordinary visual journey into your own yogic heritage, and discover how your our search for lasting happiness and fulfillment on the yogic path is part of humanity's quest for the highest truth, a quest defined by  a tradition in its continual, evolutionary refinement of Yoga as a practice and way of life.


image* All teachings drawn from source manuscripts and translated from Sanskrit by C. Tompkins
 * With specialized (sahajīya) Tantra yoga vinyāsa practices with Shiva Rea
*  Students provided with PDF translations and assigned readings that reflect the most accurate scholarship on the Yoga tradition to date (TBA)
* Featuring stunning art (deities, mandalas) from manuscripts never before seen

All details + registration coming soon ~ stay tuned

The Share Necessities ~ Local Activism for Upcoming Trainings

image"Within the LAUSD school system alone there are 13,700 plus children considered homeless and who have no resources to pay for their own necessities such as backpacks, and the school supplies to fill them for the year. These children need our support - Please help us fill at least 5000 backpacks by August 1st to prepare these children for a successful year at school. With community unity, we can achieve our goal."

All Classes with Shiva at Exhale from August 11th - 20th will be dedicated to supporting 300  backpacks for local homeless kids in Venice. Stay tuned for our weekend events on August 15-17th to be involved in great yoga, mover and shaker sessions at Exhale and Bhakti Fest to support this great local seva started by Arjuna and Kasey.

We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties.

Shiva Rea / Samudra: 245 S. Main St., Venice, California 90272

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