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July 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

Sending you all the best in the Summer Festival season…
Good gatherings below. Join us this weekend if you are local. Steve Gold is joining us for the Saturday Yoga Journal class. You can come for one session, one day or the whole event.

Also our Shiva Recommends section always has great things happening…the summer project of supporting local homeless kids with a backpack for school for August 1st, friend on the path Saul David Raye's Indigogo campaign for his new album, Chris Tompkins's new courses online and the stunning Ananda creations for the yogini Rasikas who like Bali designs.

shiva reaSoul rising with the waxing moon,

All love,


Yoga Journal San Diego This Weekend ~ See Promo Code Below


Join Shiva July 11 & 12 for 20% discount on Day Passes and Single Class Passes
With promo code "SHIVA"

Prana Flow Namaskars: Roots and Evolution
Friday, July 11 — 9:00am - 4:30pm

Surya Namaskar's origins are in Tantric and Vedic methods for realizing and honoring the life energy that we embody. We'll begin with bija mantras at the heart of vinyasa, or movement meditations, to embody solar energy. From these roots, we'll explore the core teachings of the 27 Prana Flow Namaskars that have evolved from more than 20 years of teaching. Come enliven your practice, teaching, and life!

Asana and discussion.

Tending Our Heartfire: Embodying the Power of Our Energetic Heart
Saturday, July 12 — 8:00am - 10:00am

Rhythmic Vinyasa - Synching with the Natural Pulse
Saturday, July 12 — 11:00am - 1:00pm

Yogini Shakti: Women's Vitality and Creative Power Through Vajroli Mudra and Mula Bandha
Saturday, July 12 — 3:30pm - 5:30pm

All details and registration at

Festival Classes this Summer with Shiva at Wanderlust

Squaw Valley July 17 - 20 | Whistler July 31 - August 4 | Tremblant August 21 - 24

imageClasses with Shiva Include:

* Roots, Rock, Yoga – Vinyasa and Bass Power

* Blazing – Embodying the Sun of your Energetic Heart

* Rhythmic Vinyasa – The Power of Collective Flow

image* Prana Flow – Energetic Vinyasa

* Awakening the Inner Staff – PranaDandaYoga for Energetic Alignment
with Shiva Rea and Demetri Velisarius

* Tantric Vinyasa: The Flow of Consciousness with Rod Stryker and Shiva Rea

image* Unifying Rhythm - Global Yoga Trance Dance

* Become the Sun - Open Meditation for All to Support Yoga Energy Activism Solar-Aid (free or donation-based)

Click here for all details and registration


Bhakti Fest | Joshua Tree, CA


All Details + Registration here


Upcoming Rasa Vinyasa Immersions: Kripalu + London


All details and registration here


All details and registration here


Prana Danda Yoga Immersions: Kripalu + Exhale Venice


All details and registration here

imageExhale Immersion August 16-20
All details and registration here


Living Ayurveda Consultant Program Begins this Fall

imageExperience a unique program for yoga teachers to apply their knowledge with the lifestyle teachings of Ayurveda. Through daily energetic vinyasa™ sequences created by Shiva to balance the doshas, and engaging experiential lectures with Maria and guest teachers of Ayurveda, you will have the tools to deepen your living of flow and integrating yoga and ayurveda as part of your life-path. With the completion of the program, you will be qualified to help others to cultivate balanced lifestyle for their well-being.

Learn more about the program and register here

Upcoming Immersion Dates
Part 1: October 23 - November 1, 2014
Part 2: May 22 - 27, 2015
Part 3: November 13 - 21, 2015

Shiva Recommends

imageSaul David Raye's Atma Recording Project

A Sacred music + mantra project joining Yogic mantra's, soulful grooves, spoken word & ecstatic moods with a message of Love, Unity & Peace !

Indigogo Campaign here

Facebook Group

imageChristopher Tompkins
Course Downloads

* Chakra Vinyasa I & II

* Tantra 101: The Liberating Power of Vibration

* Introduction to the Yoga Sutra: Why We Practice

View all courses and registration here

Ananda Soul Creationsimage

My vision is to empower women from the core, inspire them to reach for their dreams, make them realize how powerful and beautiful they are. Each thought, each action, each smile, each encounter counts – and that is what we live by. My soul creations are filled with Balinese blessings, prayers, smiles and love from each and every person involved in our production and that is what shines through … from our heart to yours.”

See more here

The Share Necessitiesimage

Gathering back packs for local students

Learn more at

imageLatest DVDs released from Acaciaimage

Yoga in Greece & Meditations: Relaxing Practices to Revjuvenate the Mind & Body DVDs with Shiva

View clip here

Available for purchase on Amazon

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