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April 17, 2013

Dear Friends,

We are holding vigil space with the people of Boston and resound the contemplation of the times: despite all of the tragedy and turmoil - there are more beings who are sustaining beneficial presence and actions. I feel very strongly that collective gatherings are places where we can move within this collective positive force field. 

I am outside Amsterdam with my root teacher Daniel Odier, which is extraordinary. There was a healing experience for all in the 11th century cathedral Janskerk in Utrecht where Yoga Moves sponsored a day-long retreat in this cathedral. We were able to dance, chant, offer namaskar with bija mantra and enjoy sahaja movement and tandava with Daniel Odier with over 225 people. The walls were reverberating. Utrecht was the site in the 13th century of one of the first dance revivals-uprisings in the medieval times, and today there is circle dance and prayer in this church on Sundays.

We share some of this positive energy below as well as separate emails later this week from Wanderlust and Shakti Fest where I am part of these gatherings with other amazing musicians and teachers.

Our classes coming up in April-May at Exhale will be charging up including some special PranaDandaYoga classes and a Beltane Yoga Trance Dance (few spots). We will still be collecting gently used bras up until Mother's day and Shakti Fest to send to Free the Girls (thanks Patrick for your great help). 

Our next online courses which have great community of prana flow and beyond teachers and students is coming up at the beginning of May including PranaDanda for those interested in upcoming teacher training.

Now more than ever stay connected to the energy of life.
Friday is the last day of Navaratri and we will be closing with a homa or fire ceremony at Yoga Moves.

shiva reaA bow to all,


Click here to view Video Clip from collective sadhana in Utrecht hosted by Yoga Moves

Upcoming Prana Flow Classes with Shiva at Exhale, Venice


Morning Yogini Sadhana for all women (and pregnant goddesses):
Monday April 22 - Friday April 26, 7:30-9:00am

Saturday April 27th, 4:15pm

Sunday April 28th, 4:15pm

Tuesday April 30th, 6pm

Thursday May 2nd, 6pm

Saturday May 4th, 4:15pm

imageWe will be collecting bras for Free The Girls at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA until Mother's Day, Sunday May 12th.

Location of drop-off: 245 S Main St, Venice CA 90291

ABOUT Free the Girls
By partnering with safe houses and after-care facilities, we provide an opportunity for women rescued from sex trafficking to earn a living selling second-hand clothing while going to school, getting healthy, and caring for their families.  Selling clothes allows them to work as much or as little as their school schedule permits.  

Let’s face it, ladies: the back of your underwear drawer is most likely a graveyard of bras you don’t wear anymore or that never fit right in the first place. By contrast, second-hand clothing is a profitable market in many countries around the world. Bras are sought after items. Some of the girls in our program are making 5x the minimum wage in their community by selling bras! And even better, bras provide an opportunity for these women to work with other women, since they have a history of being abused and used by men.

More info at


Prana Danda Yoga Classes at Exhale Venice CA


Classes at Exhale, Venice CA

Thursday April 25th, 4pm Demetri

Thursday May 9th, 6pm Demetri and Shiva

Tuesday May 14th, 6pm Demtri and Shiva

Tuesday May 21st, 12:30pm Demetri

Thursday May 23rd, 12:30pm Demetri


Upcoming Online Courses

imageOnline Prana Danda Yoga Sadhana - The Foundation Practice Sessions with Demetri and Shiva, April 25 - May 23

Five Weeks of First Level Practice and spinning variation
Live or Archive
* One Hour weekly practice class 
* Core Prana Danda Meditation and 9 round Nadi Shodana
* Three Sequences (Scanning the Horizon, Entering the Gate, Heaven & Earth)
* Private Facebook group
* includes one session for women-men separately

Open to anyone who participated in PranaDandaYoga Teacher training or is interested in upcoming Teacher Training Only.

Click here for all details and registration

imagePathways of Prana Flow
New Session: 
Spring Elemental Body Sadhana, April 29 - May 28

Every five week program explores one of the pathways in an evolution beginning with the foundational "Dancing Warrior" series to the inner energetics of Rasa Vinyasa.

Course offers:
* Offering Three practices with Shiva: one solar and one lunar 1.5 hour video practice a week and one audio meditation (from lunar practice)
* Elemental Namaskars and Two Solar-Lunar practices for each pathway
* Online video archive available for all livepractices available mid-week so you can practice anytime throughout the week.
* Web book to accompany practices
* Five Week Guidance of Prana Flow Elemental Map Process for Living Vinyasa and Home-Travel Altar 
* Music from practices available for online purchase
* Online Facebook Study group with Shiva
* Great Global Community 
You can register in 5 week increments with an encouragement to do the entire 6 months program to experience the entire Prana Flow Mandala of Sadhana.

Upcoming Courses:
August 20 - Sept. 21st  Chakra Vinyasa Sadhana
October Shakti Bhakti Namaskar + Navaratri (Exact Dates TBA)
October 21 - November 19  Fall Rasa Vinyasa Sadhana

imageMandala of Asanas Online Study Circle, May 3 - 31

This a way for those who are new to the Samudra teacher training program as well as long time Prana Flow students-teachers an opportunity to "pranify" as in give life to or renew your understanding of the Prana Flow Energetic Alignment Method.

Prana Flow Book Club, May 3 - 31

* weekly email of book club structure
* answer in online private Facebook group question
* each five week question combines to the one book report 
* and have great personal notes for your teacher notebook

All Course Details + Registration at


Summer 2013 Programs


Prana Flow Arts Summer Intensive at Exhale, Venice
July 9 - 12, 2013

This summer training focuses on Prana Flow: Energetic Vinyasa Sequences that awaken the instinctual body through the flow arts of Prana Danda Yoga.

Click here for more details about Prana Danda Yoga and teacher training immersions

imageGlobal Yoga Trance Dance at Exhale Venice,
July 12 - 15 

For yoga teachers and yogadventurers who are interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance, this Global YogaTranceDance intensive provides the basic tools to explore the foundations of yoga trance dance in your practice and in offering for diverse groups. 

All details and registration at


Upcoming Summer Festivals


Shakti Fest
May 17 - 19
July 4 - 7

July 18 - 21

August 1 - 4

August 14 - 18
We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties.

Shiva Rea / Samudra: 245 S. Main St., Venice, California 90272

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