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 March 27, 2012 Elephant

elephant's turning 10.

For weeks, I've thought about how I wanted to celebrate our old age.

Problem is, most of the folks who've meant the most to elephant over our years as a print magazine and now an award-winning web all over our Small World.

So while I might do a little (okay, huge) party here, as a part of Boulder's beloved Hanuman Festival...

...the main thing we'll do is ask the various staff and readers—you—over our 10 years to send in your life stories or memories, serious or funny, moving or detailed, of elephant. We'll then publish those stories as part of our global celebration of an indie, eco, mindful media entreprise that, through patience and good old fashioned elbow grease, not only survived, but avoided selling out, and is finally beginning to thrive.

I can't tell you how many times someone says they moved to Boulder because of elephant magazine, back in the day. Okay, I can: four.

So if you have a story, an anecdate, a funny memory, or if an article or interview in elephant (or elevision, now Walk the Talk Show) had any bearing on your life, please send in your story, short or long, to, subject bar "Cheerful Birthday, elephant!"

It's been a long, hard, fulfilling road. My eyes are blurry from too much time on the laptop. My left hand shakes, rather permanently, from...10 years of too much coffee? But my heart is full, open, raw and grateful for this life. I can't say it's been easy, but I can say it's been rich. And now that we're online, I can say it's getting to that place that will allow me to die (hopefully as an old man), happy.

With 1.2 million monthly readers (Google Analytics) and hundreds of thousands of facebook and twitter fans on dozens of pages and accounts, with 100s of writers (you?) and a motley editorial crew of featured columnists and editors...we're beginning to walk through the door of sustainability and relevancy.

Soon, in my dreams, like Jon Stewart or Oprah, elephant and Walk the Talk will be able to have meaingful bearing on current events, like the tragic shooting of Trayvon that we've covered, or the 2012 election, and not just community messes like the neverending John Friend scandal.

elephant's dream is, hopefully, your dream. We sure as hell can't do it without you.

Our goal isn't wealth or notoriety, or a big fancy office with overpriced modern chairs.

Our goal is relevancy to a wonderful world in dire need.

With love from old man Lewis,

Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
editor-in-chief, host, Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis

1,200,000 unique readers a month (Google Analytics)

Connect: Facebook (89,000 fans total) or twitter (90K followers total, voted #1 in US for Green two years running)

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