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January 21, 2012 Elephant

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Eco Boy vs. Yoga Girl: the Break Up, Part 8. 

Things were rocky, now.

"It's hard to see The Break Up coming. But Jealousy is a sign of it." ~ Dr. Willard Evans

Only a week or two ago, she'd been having those comforting cozy catalog-worthy version daydreams of the two of them lounging about a near-future hypothetical (4,000 sq foot) cabin on a lake in her cashmere socks ($48, made in China) and his red flannel work shit (no work involved; Filson), he with graying temples and that dark moustache shaved off; she patiently, kindly shooing the children off to school, or something (well, even and especially in her dreams, a governess did all the real work). He'd be driving an eco car, a Tesla, say, no more of that bicycling about drinking coffee in f*cking countless cafes in the city, she'd get him away from all those flirty girls. Funny how Eco Boy talked about being poor, but spent a non-profiter's annual salary on the kind of coffee The Sunday New York Times bothered to do features upon.

She was more and more irritated with him, these days. She'd broken up with him every other day for a month, and hated how he quietly accepted getting dumped. So she'd take him back and they would have a nice, hopeful, hugging, strolling reunion, then he'd piss her off again and she'd dump him again, hoping for some begging and pleading and sighing. But he had no fight in him, he looked scared and worried and pitiful, a big man brought to his knees by their love, turned bitter, like a bottle of $12 buck organic wine left out on the counter.

Everything she'd loved about him—that he the rest here.


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