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February 12, 2013

Dear Friends,

The love sadhana has begun. I give thanks for a transformative connection with the DC yoga community over this New Moon weekend. I feel the Western yoga world is maturing-evolving and tapping into the deeper capacity of yoga on the individual and collective level. 

I love Valentine's week for it is an ancient festival at least 2,000 years old in the heart of winter (ohh my New England friends) in which all that RED shakti of love becomes fully expressive like Mardi Gras which starts today.

We are grateful to Govindas and Radha for giving us a gathering space to "practice" for our spontaneous Make Love Yoga Flash Mob to join people around the world in over 200 countries to support One Billion Rising and a safe space for women with dear friends C.C. White and GlobeSonic DJ Fabian Alsultany as well as Hala Khouri, Samanthe Mehra, Cristi Cristensen and more.

It will be a positive way to come together from 4-5:30 and wear red, black or white . The joy continues this weekend at Exhale for our once a year workshop on the Inner Consort practice live.

shiva rea
So join us this Thursday, this weekend or in cyber space.
Love all ways,


The whole world could be choked with thorns - a lover’s heart will stay a rose garden.
 Even if every being grew sad, a lover’s soul will stay fresh, vibrant, light.
Are all the candles out?
Hand them to a lover - a lover shoots out a hundred thousand fires. – Rumi

Movers and Shakers: One Billion Rising - TranceDance FlashMob

imageFebruary 14th, 4pm to Sunset

Join us at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica to join One Billion Rising Dances around the world to support the end of violence for over one billion global women (1 in 3 women).

I am rising to end violence towards women and bring mover and shakers together for a spontaneous combustion of a yogatrancedance gathering for men, women and children of all ages on Venice Boardwalk. Anyone who practices yoga can move, breathe and dance for peace in action.

4:00 Free Make Love Not War Valentine's Trance Dance Party-Rehearsal
4:45 Procession to the Ocean - Bring your Shakers or Drums of any kind
5:00 Sunset Venice Boardwalk at Rose to the Water's Edge    

Bring a shaker or instrument; wear red, white or black; come by yourself or with your friends, family and beloved for a fun "Make Love Not War" Flashmob for a really great cause.


Making Love as Creative Union at Exhale, Venice

imageFebruary 17th, 1:00 - 6:00pm

Making love is a way of life – a rhythm, a devotion, an inner alchemy, a creative union within oneself, one’s partner, the world and the Divine. From our physiology to spiritual realization, making love is one of the highest and most regenerative states of being flooding our body and soul with a positive cascade that elevates every aspect of being alive. Sringara rasa is the cultivation of the inner nectar of love as a living practice in yoga and daily life. 

Within the roots of Tantra, the inner consort or integration of the sacred masculine and feminine is both a meditation and a living practice that can be cultivated within oneself or with your partner. 
In this special online practice immersion, we will cultivate the regenerative movement alchemy of sringara rasa vinyasa – the living circulation of a fluid love and realization of the erotic universe.

In the mystical-practical exploration of the “consort path”, we will explore how yoga, movement, meditation and life-practices for the masculine (staff or danda) and feminine (lotus) can deepen and enhance the flow of love at all levels of our being and life.

All details and registration at


Prana Shakti - Doula Training and Shakti Sadhana April 22 - 26


This five-day training offers a balanced approach to professional birth support, combining lectures, texts, supplementary literature, videos, role-play and hands-on practice. The course can offer the beginning of a new career as a doula or compliment your current one. This course is approved by DONA International.

Daliy Morning Prana Shakti Vinyasa practices for Women and Pregnant Goddesses with Shiva Rea and afternoons with Judy Chapman.

Birth Doula Certification will be granted from the Chapman Family Center at the completion of this 24 hour training

Limited Space! Register Soon at

Still Time to Register! Sringara Rasa - Love as Creative Union Online TeleCourse - Feb 11 - March 10


What Happens when we dedicate a week to love? a month to love sadhana?

This is our offering to coincide with Valentine's week to Shivratri (the night Shiva-Shakti's Divine Union)

A juicy sadhana for lovers of life
Tending the Heartfire Online Series
Open to men, women, couples or solo union

Valentines to Shivratri: Feb 11 - March 10
a juicy, embodiment-practice, tantric-based exploration of the creative potency, sensual nature, practical ecstasy of the love union of the sacred masculine and fememine within both men and women

Online Course Includes
* Two Sringara Rasa Practices a week with Shiva and Demetri
includes sringara rasa vinyasa (20 mintues), inner lotus and danda practice (20 minutes), meditation, secret teachings and reflection (45 mintues) 1.15 minutes
* beautifully designed e-book for practices
* private facebook group (men and women – separate and together)
* Shivratri live meditation retreat

All dates, details and registration at

Shiva Recommends 


I’m excited to let you know about a new book and audio program that my friend Sally Kempton has just published. The book is called Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga. The audio program is called Shakti Meditations.  They are available  from the publisher at, as well as from, and from (And the book is available on Kindle!)

Sally has brought together myth, mantras, meditations,  and cutting-edge teachings that empower you to discover the inner and outer gifts of  Shakti—the feminine face of spirit.  Based on her 40 years of practice with the goddesses, the book and audio program sparkle with insights. I can promise that it will show you new perspectives on the sacred feminine. Even more important, its filled with practical methods for awakening these Shaktis within yourself.

If you order the book from Amazon in the next two weeks, we’ll send you a gift: a free download of 3 audio meditations from Sally.


Thank You to Flow Yoga Center + DC Community!  See You Again in October!

imageOctober 18-20, Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life Retreat

A Rasa Vinyasa Transformative Retreat & Book Release Party

The heart fire is a vision recognized by all of the world's spiritual traditions as well as Western science. Within yoga practice, tending our heart fire is a practical and sacred metaphor for cultivating the power of our energetic heart in our yoga practice, daily life and cultivate rasa as the transforming nectar of love that brings joy and passion.  

This weekend offers depth, renewal, and cultivation of inner passion, inspiration, and the capacity for living love.  Includes a copy of Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life 270 page book. 

Hosted by Ananda Shala Yoga & Pilates Studio in Frederick, MD.  For more details and registration visit

A special thank you to everyone who was part of the New Year's Costa Rica retreat and our workshop in DC this past weekend. Both were anchored by Flow Yoga Center DC with the amazing founders Debra and Ian Perlson-Mishalove and beloved Prana Flow teacher Jessica Lazar. 

What amazing community to enter the New Year. Thanks to Leah Barr, Greg Marzullo, Devon Sweeney for assisting the DC gathering. We will be back in DC area Oct 17-19 for the Anada Shala retreat.

Sneak peek into this past Saturday in DC and Costa Rica Retreat organized by Flow Yoga Center!



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