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November 22, 2013

Dear Friends,

On Dec. 15th just a few days before the full moon and winter solstice, I offer my first book baby, the 280 page full-color visual book, "Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life" into the world. A book of four parts, it is an offering of 108 meditations for every-body and a call for us to wake up from the past 350 years of misinformation about our extraordinary heart. Tracing the legacy of the "heartfire" through cross-cultural spiritual traditions and our rich history beginning in Ancient Egypt and Greece to the present, I offer people a 360-degree view encompassing science and spiritual wisdom so that we can retrieve the power of our energetic heart in our daily life.

This has been my transformation from hardened intellectual, hard-core ashtangi, through rough times and ecstatic initiations - slowly my energetic heart has become the intimate inner core, the rhythmic conductor, the inner fire from which I tend the oscillations of life.

This book is for you, and the yoga world in general, as it felt important for my first book to pay homage to the roots in a universal way, bringing many lost teachings of the sahaja and tantric understanding of vinyasa to the foreground.

These are the days where we look out and see the "dim fire" - depression, despair, the disheartening as well as the "excessive fire" that burns us out, with too much, too fast, reactionary and disconnected actions. To cultivate a balanced inner fire is to bring us to the heart of yoga. The book is about how to tend the inner fire through over 108 meditations based in Tantra and Bhakti as well as the "living vinyasa" through the wisdom of ayurveda and the cycles of holi-days of the year.  This process in part was incubated through the  "Tending the Fire - Living Yoga Sadhana" offerings for the past two years as I was writing in the midst of a full householder life. Writing, living and sharing the teachings kept me going through the weight of a long creative process.

I am grateful for all the teachers, artists and mentors who fertilized this book even offering their review (see below): Sally Kempton (who wrote the foreward to the book), Andrew Harvey (the great mystic teacher), Daniel Odier (for his Sahaja wisdom), Paul Muller Ortega (with his tremendous teachings of the triadic heart), Lorin Roche for encouraging me to write with somatic power. For Christopher Tompkins, scholar and dear friend, who was simultaneously writing his dissertation below in our little studio apartment - he provided so many extraordinary translations and thoroughly read and provided the checks and balances of the Tantric part. Great thanks to Maria Garre and Dr. Lad's teachings which informed the Ayurveda transmission.

The artists whose photographs are part of this visual book - Jenay Martin (who did a special shoot in the ocean for the book), James Wvinner, Amir Magal, Rich Van Every, Mario Covic, Jeff Volk and the greatest surprise of all - Demetri Velisarius. During our travels, Demetri and I both became photographers to catch the amazing light we found ourselves in. Demetri's photos are the most in the book and of course I am forever grateful for my partner in all ways. The book is dedicated to my sun-son Jai!

The great team - Kristen Townsend (Ms. On it!) who was there from the beginning and helped anchor the details that one cannot even imagine when one starts a book project. She is a loyal angel! Glenisse, Julian, and of course the wonderful designer Lisa Firefly who did some of the initial designs to help guide the designers at Sounds True. I am crazy about the vision of Tami Simon and the team at SoundsTrue.

This is not a "big budget" book but a total labor of love. We wanted full-color and 12 x 12. So I gave my soul. It is not about the mula. It is about offering something that I feel passionately about with all my heart - the re-embodiment of our energetic heart and the inner syncopation with our own body rhythm and nature that is our optimal flow.

I wanted to write a book for everybody that was also rich at the roots and not a watered-down version of yoga. I wanted to offer a book that would vibrate in your hands and be a resource by your bedside or in class. My prayer is that this will have a positive ripple effect in whoever holds this book.

So I release and I let go and I can't think of a better way of celebrating than by joining C.C. White who is my sister on this path and a great Ma force in the world through her love and Soul Kirtan.

Please come and celebrate with us. This night is dedicated to the Fire of Love.

I will have the first 108 books available through Exhale on Dec. 15th before the release of the book baby on January 1st everywhere. This will be an amazing evening of Soul Kirtan, cacao and herbal elixirs and fire of love altars to open to the full-moon/winter solstice. Please join us and help spread the word. Details below.

shiva reaLove all ways to all creators with a seed dream, an evolutionary expression,


Thanksgiving Connection at Exhale, Venice and Esalen, Big Sur

imageThursday November 28th, 9:00-10:30am

at Exhale, Venice

Friday Nov 29th - Sunday Dec 1st

Heart Fire: Tending the Flame of Your Sva Shakti Esalen Thanksgiving Retreat
just a few spaces left!


TEDxMalibu Sunday December 8th


Shiva was invited to give a TEDx talk on the Energetic Heart
for the TEDxMalibu conference on DESIRE

Thomas Hobbes asserted that human desire is the fundamental motivation of all action. Desire is so much more than titillation and proclivities; it is the hope and assertion for something more. By exploring desire we gain a better understanding of humanity.

This will be the 3rd year of TEDxMalibu, looking forward to a varied, juicy and rich exploration of “DESIRE.”

Learn more and purchase tickets at


Tending the Heart Fire Book Release Party


Shiva invites you to join C.C. White for an evening of *Soul Kirtan* at Exhale in Venice, CA. 
Sunday, December 15th, doors at 6:30 p.m.

Affectionately called “The Queen of Soul Kirtan”, C.C. White, with her Soul Kirtan style, has beautifully blended the word of Kirtan with R&B, Gospel Southern Blues, Soul and so much more.  Since the release of her critically acclaimed CD “This IS Soul Kirtan!” that landed on the iTunes World Chart, she’s traveled the World with her vibrant, shaktified, message of hope and love.  Embracing audiences with her huge heart and powerful voice, C.C. flows with waves of tenderness, and divine light.  Audiences rise up in ecstatic dance, and chant with such a freedom and excitement, it’s an experience to behold.  C.C.’s been featured in Yoga Journal and Origin magazines, her music has been played on KCRW, and many more radio stations, she’s chanted at such festivals as Bhakti Fest, Omega Ecstatic Chant, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Prana Fest, Bermuda Fest, Beloved Fest, Holi Festival of Colors and Denver Chant Fest to name some.

C.C.’s bringing souls together worldwide, with each step she takes on this divine journey, you're traveling right with her, and she's so grateful.  Working on creating her next two CD’s, the excitement builds as her path continues to unfold.  C.C. says “Kirtan Feels Good” and it certainly does, so come on, join her!

***What people are are saying about C.C.***

“There’s an incredible blessing when someone is known as a “Ma”.  C.C. White is a true Ma, she’s a young Ma, and Soul Kirtan is her movement!  Chanting with her will crack your soul wide open, and bring out a freedom you never knew you had.  She’s here to stay in full force, with grace and shakti brilliance, to change the world with her message and gift.” - Shiva Rea

“C.C. White chants with the power and passion of a thousand gospel choirs and with the gentleness of an Angel.  She is the "Lioness of Kirtan", and an amazing presence on the Kirtan Caravan! Hari Bol!” - Jai Uttal

Check out C.C.’s video from this year’s Bhakti Fest West 2013.  *A BRAND NEW CHANT* -
“Govinda Jaya Jaya Radhe Shyam (Swing Jam).
Video directed by: Dabling Harward.

You can purchase C.C.’s CD “This IS Soul Kirtan!” on iTunes

Check out C.C.’s Facebook Fan Page and website is:

Purchase tickets at Exhale, Venice | 245 S Main St, Venice CA | 310.450.7676 |


Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life


January 1st Release on Amazon - OR See Special Holiday Offer from Samudra

Special Order for the Holidays
Signed copies of Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Flow
Shipping out Dec. 16th in time for Winter Solstice

We have a limited number of advanced copies of Shiva's new book for the book release party.
If you are interested in a signed copy pre-order through the Samudra office - please click here to submit $27 Paypal order (includes priority mail shipping in 48 states; international is extra) by Dec. 12th.
This full-color copy can be signed to yourself or as a gift.
Books will be sent priority mail shipping via US Postal Service on Dec. 16th.

A path into the heart that burns with wisdom and melts with love. Tending the Heart Fire is a book to cherish, to
keep by your bedside or meditation mat, and to inspire your contemplation and practice for years to come
. ”
—Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

According to ancient Vedic scripture, the heart is the central place of consciousness. Shiva Rea’s beautifully illustrated book integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern paradigms and evokes a complete picture of yoga, fire, and awareness in the heart of the reader.”
—Dr. Vasant Lad, author of Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

"Shiva Rea continues to ignite the yoga world and beyond with her powerful teachings of radical self-transformation. Deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of India, Shiva’s innovative approach to yoga has revolutionized the Western yoga world. Breathe in, dive deep, and let Shiva guide you into the bright fire that is shining in the center of it all.”
—MC Yogi, musician


Igniting the Inner Fire - Prana Flow Movement Alchemy | Austin, TX

imageJanuary 10 - 11, 2014

Yoga is kindling our connection to our inner fire on all levels. Experience a weekend immersion with vinyasa pioneer Shiva Rea exploring transformative paradigms and practices of the energetic heart put forth in her just released book on living vinyasa – “Tending the Heart Fire – Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life”.  In four practice sessions from dynamic to meditative, accompanied by visual teachings, live sitar and Shiva’s alchemical music mix, we will open to the power of “movement alchemy” – the Prana Flow system of Energetic Vinyasa.

All details + registration at

Tending the Fire - Chakra Mantra Vinyasa and Movement Alchemy at Exhale, Venice

imageJanuary 31st - February 4th, 2014

Our bodies are sacred vessels and our energetic hearts are the fire altar for our highest realizations, communion and the most practical guide for living yoga.

Experience an in-town retreat to tend the inner fire for the New Year through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Vinyasa integrated with sublime teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantras and supported by an online practice community beyond the retreat.

Our journey will move through the Prana Flow Chakra Vinyasa sequences with Shiva and live music artists with the teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantra by scholar/teacher Christopher Tompkins including his discovery of the lost chakra scrolls of Kashmir. Through five hours of daily chakra vinyasa sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating meditation, mantra, mudra, fire-offering, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and enlightening darshan (Tantric philosophy), we will emerge nourished and supported with tools to deepen your living of flow and tantra as part of your life-path.

All details and registration at

We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties.

Shiva Rea / Samudra: 245 S. Main St., Venice, California 90272

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