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December 31, 2013

Last night a divine breath moved through me
in the fertile darkness of the jungle night
like a tide of indescribable bliss

born again
in the natural flow
receiving the univeral breath
as a river of space
pouring through my inner body
expanding restrictions into ecstasy

this sublime breath flow
of babies, everday saints, the weary and fully alive
you and me

this wholly tide
prepares us to be born again
through another dark passage
as the New Moon turns
the wheel of the New Year

a sublime breath can enter you
an answered prayer from a intimate calling

freeing constrictions of dissolving cycle
expanding all possibility for new

Oh wholy breath
sacred breath
360 degree breath
universal breath
I praise you
breath moving us all!

- Shiva, sunrise, Nosara, Costa Rica


New Year's Day Mala - Join Us!

imageSynch with the Source
Rise with the Force
Dance with Rhythm
Heal the Schism
New Year Blessings!

You are invited to a New Year's Yoga Mala Synch with Shiva Rea, Vishvambar and Vrinda Seth, Demetri Velisarius
and New Year's Blue Spirit Retreat Community

Movement Meditation Forms to Call-in the New Year
8am PST (11am EST) to 10:15am PST (1:15pm EST)

We will be enjoying a ritual new year's mala practice tomorrow here at Blue Spirit. If you would like to join us, please use the link below to call in for audio only practice.
For the long practice, we will connect via Skype so sound quality can be sketchy, but extending the possibility for us to be connected for New Year's celebration - Click here to access call-in numbers.

Call Experience:
* A few minutes before 8am PST (please check your time zone) call the phone number you have been sent from the link above, and enter your pin number when cued.
* When you enter the call, no one will be able to hear you, but you will hear background music as all calling in are "entering the call" until the call begins, where you will hear Shiva begin speaking

We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties.

Shiva Rea / Samudra: 245 S. Main St., Venice, California 90272

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245 S. Main St., Venice, California, 90272, United States