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 May 3, 2012 Elephant

Yoga Community is No Better 
than Your Community.

In Buddhism, it's called the "Three Jewels." 

They're pretty much the three most important things on the path to enlightenment, or "waking up" (Buddha means, simply, "awakened one."). The three jewels are "Buddha, Dharma and Sangha." It's said that everyone has an easy time relating to the first two jewels—the wonderfulness of Buddha—the principle of teacher, someone who gets it. Everyone has an easy time relating to the holiness of Dharma—the teachings of wisdom. But "Sangha"? It's like the odd cousin you don't want to hang with at the family barbeque. 

Well, you're an a*****le. Hang out with the weird cousin.

In Affair to Remember, one of my favorite movies, Cary Grant's lady asks, shaking her head, "why is life so hard?" Cary's one word answer?

"People." the rest.

Yours in working (and playing) to create enlightened society,

Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis
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